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Zip! We're in Belfast, and McGee's coming into the store. While he's by to see Maureen, it's Trinny he's got, and she asks him, "Who would my ma be calling in Charming?" He shrugs, "It's the Redwood Originals. Why do you ask?" "Someone rang up the shop. Very mysterious lad, insists that it was important for Ma to call back?" Trinny replies. McGee too-casually asks if this mysterious lad left a number. Trinny hands it over, and McGee says he'll run it past Maureen when she's back. He pecks Trinny on the forehead and bids her, "Be good. Tell your ma I come. And lock up, huh?"

Cut to T.O. expositing away, bless his grim and bastard-y heart. The Mayans are coming every day to a set-up in an office park, Madina Janitorial Supplies. T.O. concedes that it could be an actual day-job thing, but one never knows. Then we are at Madina and a cut-less Tig is playing moron delivery guy, claiming he's here to pick up supplies for "Hale Sewage Removal" but he doesn't have the paperwork he needs. The flunky with the clipboard is all, "Well, it's not here, but I can go check the system." From inside the van, the SAMCRO guys all observe the clipboard flunky punching in numbers for "a serious security door." "Those must be some expensive cleaning supplies," Chuckie says in all sincerity. Cut to Chibs giving Chuckie a "Seriously? You can't be ... seriously?" look. It's very eloquent.

Tig manages to stick a foot into the door right before it closes, and Chuckie sprints over there so he can enter the warehouse with Tig. Once they get inside, Tig steers Chuckie over to an aisle on the right and gives the directive "Act Mexican." Chuckie asks, "What if I see something?" "Get out to the van alive. Now, go!" Tig orders, and skips off to the left. Both men cling to their clipboards for camouflage as they lurk. Tig happens to go by an office and notices a delivery schedule tacked to a bulletin board; he whips out his phone and begins photographing it.

Outside, Salazar and a few of his men roll up. Jax is all ready to go brawling, but Bobby Elvis points out that if the Mayans realize SAMCRO's on to them, they'll just shut the place down, which does SAMCRO no strategic good. So Chibs settles for warning Tig.

Inside, Chuckie has wandered into an area that is guarded by the Mayans. Who knew "standing around in your cuts" counted as a day job? As he skitters away, he runs right into a few of the Calaveras boys, who ask, "Who the hell are you?" "¡Hola!" Chuckie says brightly. He is then surrounded by three Calaveras boys. Tig sees this, utters a few appropriate epithets, then races off to try and get Chuckie. Tig's solution: hijack a forklift, use it to knock over a pallet of liquid cleanser, then use that chlorinated diversion to get Chuckie out of the warehouse. Tig, Tig, he's our man! When he's not mistakenly killing or trying to bang his MC brothers' spouses, that is.

Zip! We're in Belfast. McGee lets himself into Mo's place, and she doesn't even look up from her accounts as she tells him the kettle's warm. McGee drops the piece of paper on her ledger and comments neutrally that SAMCRO's waiting for a call back. Then it's not so neutral: "You better tell me, darlin', 'cause now you're messing in my business." Maureen tells him, "It's got nothing to do with you." "My club," McGee says. "My problem!" she snaps back. McGee sits down and says, "We know Cammy took Jax Teller's boy, and there was no trace of [Abel] when they found [Cammy] in the street. And I know he came to see you, Mo, because he had no-one else to turn to. Do you know where that baby is? Is that why you're calling Charming? Look -- just tell me, 'cause I can help you." Maureen leans over, her face a hard mask of pain, and says, "I love you, Mac. And you know I would do anything for the club. You know that. But this matter involves the other half of my life. I piss you off, you smack me around. I piss off the Army, I end up with my head squeezed off by a razor wire." Cut to McGee's face all, You do have a point there. So for both of their sakes, Mo won't be saying anything. "You said plenty," McGee tells her. He gets up, looms over her, then kisses her before taking off. They're not exactly last of the red-hot lovers like Clay and Gemma are, but that could be a matter of temperament. Still, their relationship intrigues me.

SAMCRO returns to the hospital to report on the results of their recon mission, which you already know because you've read the previous paragraphs of this recap. We do learn that there's a heroin delivery to Stockton prison tomorrow afternoon. And then the phone rings -- it's Belfast. Jax and Clay sprint to Gemma's room.

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