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Guns, Gemma and Deals

On the way out of the hospital, the boys collect Chuckie per Bobby Elvis's suggestion that they bring an unfamiliar face along to scope out the operation. I do love how Bobby Elvis is consistently presented as someone who's very good at the behind-the-scenes strategy and direction, a sort of Tom Hagen for the Harley set. Chuckie is delighted to be included with the big kids.

Tara swings by Gemma's room per Gemma's off-screen request, and Gemma does not beat around the bush: "Stahl came by, threatened to take away my deal. Guess I didn't officially turn myself in ... she's desperate, pressing me for intel on the Irish. Your name came up." Tara wanly says that Stahl was in the room during the FBI interview but she didn't tell them anything. "Why don't you tell me?" Gemma invites. Tara leadenly recites the series of events leading to Abel's kidnapping, and Gemma gets her high-and-mighty look before inquiring, "Nothing you could have done about that?" "As an unarmed woman who might be more valuable as a living witness than a dead martyr to a kidnapping? Hell, no," Tara does not say. Gemma snaps, "If it was your flesh-and-blood, you would have thrown yourself in front of a bullet." That's particularly rich, given that a headwound-addled Tara clonked Amelia on the head when she had attack Gemma. The older woman's not being fair, and Tara calls her on it.

Then she bursts into tears. Which, somehow, is the clue Gemma needs to intuit that Tara's knocked up. AH, HELL NO. I mean, my, what an interesting and not at all soapy plot development! But it does explain her recent hulking out in the nursery and in Nate's basement. For some of us, the first trimester is a time for nausea, relentless French fry cravings, and spells of coma-like lassitude alternating with fits of rage so acute, you wish you had the ability to set people on fire with the power of your mind. ANYWAY. Gemma fails to congratulate Tara on this development and comments instead, "Quite the secret queen, lately." "Yeah, well, I learned from the best," Tara says. Oh, these two. What they need is another murder to bring them together. Gemma then says, "I'm assuming it's Jax's." Apparently so; the man's sperm have a knack for reaching egg at the least convenient moment for everyone concerned. Tara seethes, which of course puts her in the perfect headspace to talk with Margaret Murray.

In a nutshell: there's an emergency surgery that needs to be performed on a baby that's but 20 minutes out of the womb and Tara's the one to provide an assist. She tries to stammer a refusal, but Murray's like, "Feel free to talk to the parents and explain that you'd rather go with Plan B, which is that their child dies." Murray heads off and Tara sort of wonders what just happened. "I seem to dimly recall something about a hippopotamus oath and how it applies to my job? Does that sound right?" Maybe she just needs some French fries before she scrubs in.

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