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Ireland. SAMCRO's gathered again at Maureen's. Chibs says the girls are fine now, but he wants someone with them for protection from now on. As long as they don't bring back Prospect Fail, they should be fine. They all tell Chibs to take his girls on Elliott's next cargo flight out of Manchester, the day after tomorrow. They're not safe here. Chibs says he's protecting them now, and that he's not going to force Kerrianne to leave her home. The only way he says he can keep her safe is if Jimmy's dead, and he guarantees he'll make that happen. Jax says okay. Then he heads outside to call Secret Agent Stahl. She's in her bed again, but says she can talk. She ran Father Kellan Ashby through every database. She says it's common knowledge that he's a friend of the cause, but there's nothing that can touch him: no record, no nothing. He is a revered priest, who's turned down three promotions from the Vatican. Jax says he's a saint, then gives her another name: Liam O'Neill, who he says is a Son, but Jax is pretty sure he tried to blow them up today. Stahl asks if he's okay, and he says he is but five others are spread out over a farm in Dungloe. She tells him she needs him back in one piece, and he appreciates her concern. They hang up without goodbyes.

Trinity joins Jax then, and asks for a fag. They smoke and discuss her sleeping habits (she's up at 3 because she's not much of a sleeper, not at all because she's hot for half-brother). Jax gets it. He tells her how tired he is, and she looks sad. He puts his arm around her, which is when Gemma comes outside for a smoke of her own. She sees them there, and looks like a worried mother about to warn her son of the dangerous road he's on. But she doesn't.

Charming. It's nighttime, when we see Margaret and Tara in a car together. It's not clear if they're going to or from the abortion clinic, but Tara doesn't look sad or hurting, so I'm guessing this is the before shot. A car rear-ends them at a stop sign, and Margaret and Tara get out. It's Louisa, who's apologizing profusely for bumping them. No big deal, Margaret says, there's not even any damage. Louisa asks Tara if she's Jax Teller's girl, and Tara says yeah, then asks who she is. Salazar gets out of Louisa's passenger seat, and she says she's his old lady. She pulls a gun on Tara, then tells Salazar the brunette's Jax's. Salazar wonders who Margaret is, and Tara says she's a doctor and this is her boss, a supervisor at the hospital. Salazar wants to check her ink, and sure enough, she's got a giant SAMCRO-looking tattoo on her back that says "My love." Tara looks shocked, and Salazar laughs, "She's a supervisor, huh?" They force the women back into Margaret's car at gunpoint and climb in with them to drive away.

And that's it for this week, and for me. I believe Sobell will be back with you next week, so you have that to look forward to. And this: Jax tells some pretty young thing her old man was responsible for the explosion, and she asks if he's going to kill him. Salazar calls Piney and tells him he's got a gun pointed at Jax's old lady. Sure enough, Tara and Margaret are taped and tied up at the end of his gun. Tig and Kozik go to Alvarez to tell him Salazar kidnapped Tara. Someone gets tortured -- please, please let him use the crocodile tube -- to get someone to spill who ordered "the hit" -- but what hit? And Clay blows some shit up.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, doesn't like this show as well on two continents. You can contact her at

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