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up. They survey the damage and realize they're at least a couple men down, including Chibs's nephew, whose name was apparently Paddy based on Chibs's cries. Jax looks into the flames and hangs his head, guilt-ridden.

After a commercial, he's thrown off his guilt enough to ask Liam where the hell he was; he lies he was taking that "shite" he talked about, and that his boys were watching. They're too dumb to protest that, no, they were actually not. They all assume this was Jimmy, though McGee says it had to be the Ulsters. He's like the boy who cried wolf, this guy. And, anyway, did he miss the part where his woman called and told him Jimmy was there with a minion who had a gun pointed at her head? They decide someone knows they're here and they better get moving, although Chibs doesn't want to leave Paddy.

Charming. Unser meets Jacob at a café in the daylight. Safest place to meet a shady politician. Unser asks Jacob what he needs, and Jacob says he heard about Lumpy and wonders what happened and if there are any leads. Unser says that Lump says the guy was Mayan. Jacob lectures that he's trying to save the Charming PD, but is running out of wins to put in the plus column. Wrong move, pissing off a guy who's already been told you might have been involved in this crime. On his way out of the café, Jacob runs into Elliott and loudly -- for all the café to hear -- tells him about Lumpy, saying it's another brutal act of violence brought on by the men Elliott bailed out of jail. Elliott sits down with Unser, calls him a dick, and then asks if it was really Mayan retaliation, which doesn't make sense. He says he saw Clay and Alvarez shake hands two days ago and put their feud to bed. Unser says it doesn't take much to kick back up that kind of bad blood. But Elliott suggests Unser check out that stretch of Liberty Street since Lumpy's is the only place that hasn't gone out of business, even though not one of the places went into foreclosure. Unser asks who owns them, and Elliott doesn't know but he guesses a single developer is buying the block and would have a lot to gain by getting rid of Lumpy.

Ireland. Father Kellan Ashby has the women from Maureen's in his church. He says he has someone to watch the ladies in the rectory, but they should let Sean grieve for his brother. All the ladies leave, except Gemma, who tells Father Kellan Ashby she's sorry about his friend, but she wants to talk. He sits down next to her in a pew, and she asks him why he's doing this to them. If he knows where her grandson is, why won't he just tell her. He says he understands this seems unfair to her, but what he's doing isn't just about Irish loyalty; it's also about keeping promises to her family. Gemma's confused: "To my family?" Father Kellan Ashby says that he and John grew very close when he was here, and he loved him dearly. Gemma guesses he must be the one who granted him absolution from adultery. Father Kellan says no, and that John struggled greatly with his love for Gemma. She says that John bailed on his family. She says her baby slipped into a coma while John was here playing house with Maureen, so would Kellan mind not telling her how he struggled. Father Kellan didn't mean to be dismissive and says he understands her pain. She says he doesn't understand shit, then calls him a hypocrite and storms off.

Tig, Kozik, Piney, and the prospects show up at a house with their guns drawn. Tig and Kozik bicker over who will take the prospects around back, but then they all head in. They bust into the house, and find it's empty; no Salazar. Unser's in his office at the same time, getting a list of investors in the group, Miltona Trust, that's buying up the properties on Liberty Street around Lumpy's. Unser opens the folder and says, "Son of a bitch." Jacob's leaving work at Hale Properties when Salazar and Louisa pull up. Salazar tells Jacob to get into his car, and he does. But he tells Salazar never to come to his place of business again. He says he's regretting doing business with Salazar, since he was supposed to scare Lumpy, not beat him half to death. Salazar: "Got him to sell, didn't I?" Jacob asks what he wants. Salazar needs a favor. He's got some unfinished business with the Sons, and would like to find Jax's old lady, who isn't home; they checked. Jacob won't tell him where she works or anything else. He starts to get out of the car, but Louisa plays back the earlier conversation she's been recording, in which Jacob reveals what he hired Salazar to do to Lumpy. Jacob says this is blackmail, and Salazar -- quite the comedian -- says, "Yeah, I got an app for that, homes."

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