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MCRO guys are smart, but Jimmy assures him they won't suspect a thing. Jimmy tells his minion to arrange things at the barn, and the minion asks ominously if Jimmy's sure he wants to do this. Jimmy says he is. And we know it's bad because he never breaks his gaze at his minion.

Jaunty Irish music plays as the two SAMs ready to leave the way any motorcycle gang does: standing next to their bikes and hugging their womenfolk. Father Kellan Ashby shows up with Fiona and Kerrianne (whose name I've been spelling incorrectly; apparently, it was two r's), so Chibs gets hugs from all three of them. Father Kellan Ashby's really here to see Jax though, and wish him a safe run. Then he has a bit of a "Who's a bigger badass?" stare-down with Gemma. I think she wins, because he walks away. They all ride away as the music picks up and becomes We Grow Stronger by Chicago punk band Flatfoot 56. But, hey, at least they're a Celtic Chicago punk band. As they ride and Flatfoot 56 plays, some cops ready for them up the road. Clay wonders if they're kidding him with this shit (they really aren't). McGee tells them it's legit to have a patrol this close to the border, but that money will get them through. So, uh, not quite legit then, is it? Liam gives the cops some money and tells SAMCRO to show their IDs and they'll pass through fine. SAMCRO wonders if they should brave it, but sure enough, they pass through just fine to the surprise of McGee and Liam. But they play dumb well enough, since they've been working at it their whole lives, so Clay thanks McGee for the help, and they all ride on.

Maureen's. Kerrianne wants to go down to the shop and hang with Trinity, but Fiona won't let her. There's a little bit of mother-daughter bickering until Maureen takes Kerrianne to Trinity's room to find something fun to do. This gives Gemma and Fiona a chance to talk. Fiona tells Gemma she was right: that going to Chibs in Charming set this whole thing in motion. Gemma says that sometimes the heart beats the head. Then she asks Fiona what she knows about Father Kellan Ashby. Before Fiona can get out a word, one of the priest's men is led in with a gun to his head by Jimmy's minion, with Jimmy following close behind. Fiona asks what Jimmy's doing, and he says he's setting things right. Then he shoots the priest's man in the head. Trinity hears Kerrianne's scream from the shop, and locks up to head up there herself with a gun from the shop.

Commercials. I know I should want to see this new FX drama, Lights Out, but why does the commercial look so cheesy? I mean, even the name is cheesy.

Maureen yells to Jimmy about how he's really screwed now, since Father Kellan practically raised "those brothers" (the guy who was shot is apparently Michael of brothers Sean and Michael Casey), who are like sons to him. Jimmy has no regrets: "Now Kellan can bury one of them, can't he?" He tells Fiona they're going, but she says she's not going with him. He trains his gun on Gemma and asks how many he has to kill to show her how much he loves her. "I'm taking my family home." Kerrianne urges her mom to go, and she relents. Kerrianne left her iPod in the bedroom, though, so Jimmy sends his minion to fetch it. Unfortunately for minion, Trinity's coming in that way just then, and shoots at him. The commotion is enough to distract Jimmy long enough for Maureen to jab him in the leg with a knife. He drops his gun and Gemma picks it up. She points it at his head, so when minion comes back in, she has leverage to make him drop his gun, which he's pointing at Maureen. He drops it and Maureen runs back to make sure Trinity's okay.

Gemma forces minion to the floor with his hands above his head, then makes Jimmy sit. Gemma tells Maureen to get Trinity and Kerrianne out of here, and Fiona asks what Gemma's going to do. She says that her family has some shit to work out with Jimmy, but Fiona says it's a mistake. Maureen does take the girls away, then Fiona pulls a gun on Gemma. She tells her to put her gun down, and Gemma asks what she's doing. Fiona says she's protecting her, and she won't kill him before Fiona kills her. When Gemma puts her gun down, Jimmy laughs: "You're crazy bitches, the lot." Fiona tells him to shut it and points her gun at him. She tells him if he comes after her and Kerrianne again, she will fill his head with bullets. Then she sends Jimmy and his minion away. He leaves them with a "Gemma, always a pleasure" and a "See you real soon, love," directed at Fiona. As soon as they're gone, Fiona puts down the guns, and Gemma socks her in the face. Fiona fights back, though, and Gemma cries, "Why the hell did you stop me?" Fiona says that if she'd killed Jimmy, his crew would have wiped out her whole family. "Total bloody genocide." Gemma looks legitimately frightened.

As she should, because SAMCRO's being led into the barn guarded by Jimmy's boys (who are all around fifteen). They all head into the barn, though McGee and Liam hang back, wondering why the cops didn't pick up SAMCRO back there. McGee tells Liam to call Jimmy and find out what's taking so long. Everyone else heads into the barn and checks out the guns, which are hidden in bales of hay. SAMCRO thinks it's a brilliant way to move arms. They have to move the hay to another barn, where the Army takes it over. Jax asks where Jimmy is, and McGee says he must be on his way, because he never misses a transport.

Charming hospital. Tara's working when her boss, Margaret, asks what she's doing here, since "her friend" had that procedure. Tara tells her that really was a friend, not her, and Margaret apologizes for making assumptions. Tara says she wasn't wrong in all of her assumptions, since Tara is pregnant, and she made an appointment for tomorrow. Margaret offers to drive her, since it's not far out of her way anyway. Tara thanks her, and then cries when she's left alone. The Charming stuff is mostly a distraction from what's really going on in this season, but I have to admit the juxtaposition between how hard Jax and all of SAMCRO are fighting for one of his babies, while Tara might be about to abort his potential next one is pretty powerful. Plus, you know she wanted to be able to have a baby with Jax, and then everything went down right now, when she finally could.

Back at the barn, everyone's getting ready to head out, but Jax says he's not going anywhere until Jimmy shows. McGee says he's sorry, but the Army sets the pace and they have to go. Liam goes outside, and Happy and Juice follow, wondering where the hell he's going. He says he's "got to murder a shite," which is Irish for "have a bowel movement." He wonders if they want to watch, and Happy has to consult with Juice to know how to answer. In the barn, McGee's phone rings. He gets off the phone and says it was Maureen, and that Jimmy's in Belfast, where he went looking for Fiona. He assures them everyone's okay, but just then the fifteen-year-olds guarding the place close the barn doors and lock everyone in. The kids drive away, with Happy and Juice chasing on foot for a moment. Then they turn back to the door, and try to shoot the lock, as the SAMs bang on it from inside. A couple young SAMBEL guys jump into the hay truck to ram the door down. Chibs's nephew is on the back and some other young pup drives. Liam hears the commotion from the bushes, and when Happy realizes what's up, he pushes Juice out of the way of the door. The truck breaks through, and then Liam hits a button on something from his perch in the bushes and the truck explodes. Lots of SAMS are thrown every which way, including Jax. Opie stumbles around. Clay walks out of the barn and finds Jax. When he calls him "Son," Jax briefly pictures his real father, John. Clay helps him

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