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The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the Queen

Tig pulls himself together and asks how Gemma is, and she says that she's fine. For some reason, Tig chooses to see this as Gemma being a strong earth mother, as opposed to a woman who's already mentally a widow. She asks after Jax's whereabouts, and then asks Tig for a moment with Clay. Once alone, Gemma looks down on Clay's unconscious figure, coldly shrugs, "Sorry," and walks out without a second glance.

Jax is sitting at the table in church, poring over a stack of papers and making notes. He looks up when Gemma comes in, and suddenly, he looks very young, like a boy playing grown-up. But when he opens his mouth, it's all adult: "I've been looking for you. Shut the door."

Gemma does, then sits down.

Jax: What happened to Piney?
Gemma: Clay killed him.
Jax: [Sighs] I know Clay and Piney were beefing over this cartel shit --
Gemma: It wasn't over the cartel. It was over these. [She hands over the folder full of letters.] Maureen Ashby put them in your bag before you left Belfast. They're letters from your father. Tara found them before you did.
Jax: Tara had these? Why didn't she tell me?
Gemma: [Nobly bypassing the opportunity to say, "Because you young couples, you don't communicate anymore"] She knew they would break your heart. Same way they did mine. When Thomas got sick, your dad stopped going to Belfast. He started writing to Maureen --"
Jax: What does this have to do with Clay?

Gemma then leans in and quietly gives Jax the truth: "JT and Kellan decided to get the MC out of guns, away from the IRA. Clay thought it was a mistake. He was afraid John would destroy the club. So he decided to kill him." Cut to Jax looking shocked by this -- whether it's because he's surprised that Clay actually did this (Ha! He knows Clay'll kill anyone in his way) or because Gemma's actually not lying to him or because he's horrified that his mother is married to his father's murderer? The answer depends on how dumb Jax is during any given episode.

ANYWAY. Gemma explains, "The first time, he sent John into a Mayan ambush, unprotected. Your dad made it out, but he knew it was Clay who'd set it up. And he knew Clay would try again. He predicted it would be mechanical. He was right." Jax finally realizes that JT's fatal accident on 580 was the work of Lowell Sr., acting on Clay's behalf. And as all of you will remember from Season One, Lowell, Sr. was killed a week after the accident and his body dumped in with some Mayan corpses -- something that made no sense given that it was the Mayans who allegedly killed him. And that was how we learned, in Season One, that Clay silenced Lowell Sr. And now, three seasons later, Jax is finally figuring it all out. We can actually see the wheels turning as he processes everything.

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