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The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the Queen

Tig zips off, presumably to go have a good cry, and Happy corners Jax to point out, "[Tig's] right. It had to be Laroy. He's got to die. Like, a lot."

Jax is saved from having to explain why the Niners had nothing to do with this whole mess by his ringing phone. It's Romeo, briskly informing Jax, "I had my contacts look into Otto Delaney. Not sure who was talking to, but he never sold out your club." Jax expresses skepticism at this news, but Romeo chides him, "I pay a lot of money for information, Jax. It's accurate. Trust me. If I thought it was a risk, I wouldn't be making this call."

(This is the scene that has convinced me that Luis is either working with the feds or hoping to take Romeo down at the meeting. Remember, Romeo delegated the information-gathering to Luis, so he apparently trusts him. And if Romeo's working off bad intel, who do you think he got it from?)

We focus on Jax listening and looking skeptical. And here's hoping Jax decides that his source on the inside is far more trustworthy than the one who's merely chatting with him for business reasons. But no -- he decides the meet's a go and tells Happy to head out to the Coke-K corral and pull one of each type of big gun in anticipation of the outlaw summit. Then Jax dispatches Chibs to deal with Lowen offscreen (you have been missed, Robin Weigert) and see what the deal is with Bobby. Oh, and if Chibs could scare up Juice, that would be awesome. Thanks!

Jax then walks off to the clubhouse, muttering all the to-dos he's got to knock off before the meet, and it's evident he's slipping right into the president pro tem role. It should be interesting to see how easily or well he wears the authority.

We zip to Clay's hospital room and Tig comes in on little cat feet. He looks at Clay's bloodstained cut sitting on a chair, then takes in the sight of Clay sleeping in the bed. Tig says softly, "Sorry, brother. I should have stayed, had your back. I mean, just turning in this SA tag -- I don't know, man. I was just kind of lost in this cartel shit. I love you, Clay. I do. I guess I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around you stepping down. I don't know... I don't know what I'm going to look like when that happens, you know?"

Oh Tig. You need a minder. And look! Here comes Gemma now, summoned as if by black magic. Gemma looks at Tig and her face softens into warm, maternal sympathy. She says, "This is not your fault, baby," and Tig stumbles toward her, his face crumbling. Gemma pulls Tig into her arms and as he sobs on her shoulder, Gemma murmurs, "Oh, honey. It's okay, sweetheart. It's okay. Ohhh, he knows you love him, it's okay." It's all very reminiscent of how Gemma comforted Clay following Donna's murder in "The Sleep of Babies."

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