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The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the Queen

Jax has then moved from Stockton to whatever crapbag locale he and the cartel are meeting at right now. He's briefed them on the shooting, and Luis insincerely sys, "We're sorry about what happened to Clay." But the cartel really wants to know how today's going to run. Jax has no worries about the Irish Kings -- for starters, he can always break the ice at the meeting by asking what everyone's opinions are on the new English translation of the Latin liturgy, since the Irish will thrill to chatting about Catholicism -- but he is worried that Otto's probable flip to the Feds will bring in Bobby Elvis, and Bobby could tip off the Feds to this whole gun deal. Romeo says, "We've got contacts that could find out about Otto. Don't do anything until you hear from us." Jax gives Romeo a You have to be kidding? look. Whether it's because he's impressed by Romeo's network or appalled that Romeo is not worried about the Feds is anyone's guess.

Romeo orders Luis, "Call Medina. Have him vet out every agency. Find out what this is about." Luis, looking shifty as usual, nods.

Right as Jax gets on his bike, Chibs calls to inform him that Tig needs a little help escaping a pack of righteously pissed Niners.

Cue the music and a whole lot of petroleum-fueled shenanigans. I would like to note that these roads in no way resemble any of the highways around Oakland, mostly because there are not nearly enough Priuses. Anyway, this entire scene is a demonstration in why it's good to belong to a biker gang: Because they can make it very difficult to follow one person in a chase.

A montage of bike riding later, everyone's back to Teller Morrow motors after that little misadventure, and the minute the bikers are off, Jax is in Tig's face, demanding to know what happened. Tig says wearily that he went after Laroy, but does not add, "And, once again, missed the biker and took out his old lady instead." Jax is all, Lord, save me from the dumb, but Chibs has bypassed divine intervention and appealed something even less provable: Tig's sense of logic. He points out, "We don't even know if it was the Niners." Tig protests that everything he knows points to Laroy. Which is fair, on account of Tig not knowing that Opie's on the warpath or why Opie wants Clay dead, and a stunning illustration of the perils of incompletely informing people.

In any event, this whole scene foreshadows the coming race war in season five, because there is no way Laroy's going to want to broker peace with this club.

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