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To Be, Part 1

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The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the Queen

Meanwhile, out in Stockton, Lenny is busy filling Jax in on Otto's adventures: "I heard it from the guards. He met with a Fed attorney, gave up something, got me visitation and yard time." Jax soon connects the dots between Otto and Bobby, and figures if Otto flipped, it would have something to do with Luann. All he's missing is the knowledge that Bobby and Luann had a thing, because apparently nobody noticed Bobby consumed with grief a few episodes ago.

Tig continues staking out Laroy and his old lady, and as if that weren't tedious enough, he's also listening to Tommy James and the Shondells' "Crimson and Clover." While Laroy and his lady friend are busy enjoying each other's company at a sidewalk cafe, they are also protected by three discreetly positioned SUVs filled with Niners, so it's not like Tig can walk up and shoot Laroy in the head. So he settles for the second-best thing: aiming his car at the couple, and during the bridge of "Crimson and Clover," sending the lady flying through a plate glass window; her neck is julienned in transit. Congratulations, Tig. You are now two for two on killing women when you were aiming for their men.

Gemma is in the storage unit, and she soon finds the accordion folder in which Tara stashed everything. She sits down to read, and notices a box that's been there since season one, labeled "JOHN MISC." Gemma finds a manila envelope in there and pulls out a stack of pictures: choppers in what is obviously meant to be Vietnam; a picture of herself as a very young woman, sporting a livid surgery scar and a haughty look that predates Angelina Jolie's act by thirty years; a picture of John Teller looking for all the world like Jesus Christ, Biker Dude; a weirdly-staged shot where John and Gemma resemble a medieval staging of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Gemma sets that photo aside, then slides the rest into the envelope and puts the envelope back in the box. Then she puts on her reading glasses and dives into the letters. Through the entire scene, she's moving as if she's in pain.

Tig, meanwhile, has called for backup on account of bringing the wrath of the Niners down on his fool head.

We cut to Gemma rocking back and forth as she reads a letter. She has to put it down and take a deep breath to compose herself. She pulls out a letter or four, then visibly steels herself. She hides some letters in her purse, then stalks out of the storage unit and closes the door on the past. We get a shot of the Gemma-and-John picture being plunged into darkness. AHOY, SYMBOLISM!

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