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The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the Queen

Meanwhile, in "Oakland" -- and I put "Oakland" in quotation marks because I have lived in the nickel and dime off and on for fifteen years now and I can assure you, not even the Grand Lake, Rockridge or Temescal districts look that yupscale -- Tig is busy stalking Laroy and his lady friend. Laroy, it should be noted, has nice manners, as he opens the car door for his lady before driving off with her.

At the Teller Knowles estate, we see Filthy Phil adeptly feeding and rocking young Thomas, and when I paused the scene, the baby was beaming. Oh, please -- spin off the prospect into his own series. Gemma comes in looking like a maenad after a bad night in the woods and demands to know where "she" (presumably Tara) is. Phil nods toward the bedroom, then adds, "Jax is looking for you. It sounded important." He resumes tending the adoring baby.

Gemma finds Tara doing her best to pack one-armed, and asks, "Another vacation." Tara says, "Yup. 'Cause the first one went so well." Gemma comes into the room, sets down her bag and tentatively moves toward Tara. She opens with news of Clay's injury, which does not surprise Tara, then moves on to the news of who did the shooting, which does. Tara shelves the whole "Jax said he didn't know" thing for a moment to pump Gemma on why Opie would do such a thing, and Gemma tells her that Clay killed Piney. She continues, "Clay put a shotgun to his chest. He killed because he thinks he had the letters." Tara says dazedly, "No... he didn't -- Piney never even saw them." Gemma knows that but, she says, Clay will do anything "to stop that truth from leaking out." She then adds, "He's the one who tried to have you killed, Tara. Clay hired those men that came after you... he took money out of safe to pay them off. I confronted him. [Points to her face] That's why he did this. Clay will keep on hurting everything and everyone that gets in his path until he gets those letters."

Tara does not seem surprised, on account of how Clay threatened her the day before. Gemma makes an emotional pitch for the letters, promising that everyone's nightmare will be over if Tara will just hand over the letters. Tara says, "If we do get out of this alive, then you know Jax and I are leaving." Gemma's voice says, "I know," but her face is frankly disbelieving. Tara gets up and pulls out a key, then tells Gemma that the letters are in the storage unit, toward the back, under a stack of old Teller Morrow receipts. As Gemma gets up to leave, Tara's face takes on the same bitter, remote look she had when she talked to Jax, and she calls out, "Gemma? Tell me you love me." She looks at Gemma, who nods and looks her in the eye before saying, "I love you."

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