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The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the Queen

Tara calls Jax's name at the door and he turns back to her. She demands, "Tell me you love me." Jax gives her an appraising look before saying matter-of-factly, "I love you, Tara." She winces and turns away. And he asks, a little tentatively, "Do you love me?" Tara says, almost to herself, "If I could stop, I would." Yeah, well, you should have thought about that two kids ago. She stands up, tells Jax she loves him, then walks out of the room. Jax closes his eyes and sighs, Lord, I do not need my old lady losing her mind today. At least, not until after I clean up the inevitable clusterfuckery that will surely go down at the meeting this afternoon.

He walks out of the bathroom and beholds Filthy Phil eating a mixing bowl full of cereal and reading the back of the cereal box. Jax asks, "You need a bigger bowl?" and Phil laconically replies, "I like cereal." How on earth did this simple giant get attached to SAMCRO? And does any motorcycle manufacturer on Earth make a bike big enough to support his frame, or does he just tootle around on a human-scale motorcycle looking like one of those Guinness World Record twins? I have so many questions to be answered, and yet they're all going to be ignored because it's blah blah blah cartel this and blah blah blah JT's letters that.

Jax heads to the hospital and meets up with the skimpy remains of SAMCRO in the waiting room. (My word, unless Teller Morrow Motors hired a bunch of civilians in the past 14 months -- there's no way that place is still running; everybody who works there is either in jail, shot in the hand or hanging out at the hospital reading back issues of Women's Day.) We find out that Clay got rushed back to surgery because he's having trouble with a lung. Happy says, "Goddamn cigars," and honestly, that The Truth project should just pay David LaBrava to stare menacingly into a camera and say that, because it will put anyone off smoking anything for life.

The boys then move on to ever grimmer news: "Bobby signed in at Stockton and didn't sign out," Chibs says. Jax is not clear on what that means, and Chibs says, "Maybe Lenny can tell us. He wants a sit-down today. Lowen said he's pretty jacked-up about it." Jax mutters, "Oh, my God." Happy helpfully points out that both Opie and Tig are MIA. Jax says Opie's hanging out with Piney up at the cabin -- technically not a lie since much of Piney is still all over the walls and floor -- and hypothesizes that, "Tig's so jacked up about this Clay thing he's probably neck deep in cold pussy." I really hope that's a euphemism for indulging in the company of Inupiat ladies. Let me have my illusions.

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