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The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the Queen

Meanwhile, on one of the most awkward truck rides on TV -- and indeed, is it ever going to be an evening of bonhomie when you're driving the man you just shot to the nearest emergency room? -- Opie is busy telling Jackson that he is going to kill Clay. Jax says, "You're going to let me find out what the hell happened," and Opie tells Jax to ask his mom, on account of Gemma and Unser being the ones to discover Piney's body. Jax doesn't buy Piney's story. Why Jax doesn't believe Opie is God's private mystery, since Opie is the one member of the club who seems constitutionally incapable of lying, and since Jax has known Opie since he was a wee* lad.

(* "Wee" in this case being approximately 6 feet tall.)

Anyway, Jax is eventually persuaded that Opie speaks the truth, and lays out Opie's next moves: after a trip to emergency care, Opie will be fetched by his estranged wife (O, to have footage of that call...), and then he will repair to the scene of his father's slaughter while Jax figures out what in the hell is going on. He vows, "I will find the truth, I promise." If he does, that'll be a first for anyone on this show. Opie sardonically comments, "Just what I need. Another promise." Jax has the nerve to look hurt, which is rich coming from the guy who has not yet apologized for winging his pal.

Then we zip to St. Bond Measures, where Clay is gently bleeding all over the table as many doctors who are not presumably embroiled in destructive romances with bikers labor over him. Out in the waiting room, Tig paces around, as mindlessly nervous as a cat in front of an empty kibble bowl while Unser spins his semi-plausible tale for Roosevelt.

Right as Unser gets to the part about the assailants' vehicular choices -- "A Yukon, I think. Looked like two African-American males" -- Roosevelt looks up and you can totally tell he's thinking, "You white people have no original moves. This didn't work for Susan Smith and it's not going to work now." Roosevelt then asks the bikers present -- Chibs, Tig and Happy -- if they were present, but none of them were, so Unser's story stands. Especially convenient: Happy claims the Teller Morrow security cameras don't record. Roosevelt smiles wryly and says, "Of course they don't." He wanders off, and Tig immediately begins grilling Unser about who he saw. Chibs decides that why, sure, Clay was shot by the Niners, and as Unser frantically tries to backpedal ("I'm not sure! I didn't see colors!"), Gemma saunters into the waiting room. Unser chases off after her.

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