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The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the Queen

The music kicks in and we see Jax reading, reading, reading. Gemma's outside, flat on her back on the canvas in the boxing ring. (Could that be any more metaphorical? This entire season has been one where she's been KO'd by events.) Unser comes on over and tells her that Clay came through surgery and will be out of ICU in a few days. Gemma flatly says, "Good." Unser asks what happens now and Gemma confidently says, "Things are in motion." "Yeah. I have no doubt," Unser wryly says. That poor man: he is going to spend his final days being lied to by Gemma and dragged into drama he doesn't even need.

Just then, Tara pulls up. Gemma uses this as her cue to say that Tara gave her the letters, and Jax is reading them now. Unser swears, and Gemma reassures him, "Not all of them. We're protected. Clay? Not so much." Tara stalks over and asks Gemma if she's got a minute. Unser gets up and says, "I'll, ah, go give Chucky a hand." He scarpers away.

Tara clears her throat and says, "I've been waiting for you." "I know," says Gemma, sans apology. Tara then asks where the letters are and whether Gemma brought them to Clay. Gemma says no, and Tara jabs, "How many did you take out before you gave them to Jax?" Cut to Gemma trying to figure out how to play this. She finally asks, "If you knew? Then why did you tell me where they were?" Tara says sharply, "Because I'm smarter than you are, Gemma. And I know Jax better than you do." Cut to Gemma rolling her eyes all, Lord, please do not add 'school my son's baby mama' to my to-do list for the day. Please.

Jax picks that minute to come loping out, letters in hand. He gives both women a displeased look, then sits down and tells Tara, "You should have told me." Tara says, "I was going to. But when you got out, you were so eager to leave, I just... I was afraid it would push you back in. I'm sorry." Jax lets it sit -- for now -- but fixes Tara with a look so she can be brought up to speed on exactly how angry he is, and tells her, "I have to kill him, Tara." Tara knows. She opens up her bag and pulls out a small leather case, then pushes it across the table to him, saying, "And this is how you do it." Tellingly, Jax looks at his mother first, but her bafflement confirms that Gemma did not put Tara up to this.

Gemma comes over to watch Jax open the case, and he pulls out a syringe. Tara says, "It's a blood thinner. Inject it into his IV line and pull the tube from his chest. He'll bleed into his lungs and drown." We get a shot of Tara looking both lovely and remorseless. Jax studies her face for a moment, then looks down at the syringe. Tara says, "It'll happen quick. You know, just look like he pulled it out in his sleep." We cut to Gemma looking at Tara and you can practically see her reassessing her son's old lady as she stares. Only now is it beginning to dawn on anyone that someone trained to save lives can easily take that information and twist it to suit a more sinister agenda.

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