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The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the Queen

Then Jax asks the $1,000,000 question ("How do you know all this?") and Gemma, bless her lying little heart, says vaguely, "The letters, the speculation, the Mayan ambush." Then she hones her pitch so she can really begin to manipulate Jax: because those letters prove that Clay killed JT, Clay would do anything to sit on them. Jax has an a-ha moment and says, "Piney got a hold of these." Gemma replies, "He must have threatened Clay. (Drops her voice to a sorrowful whisper) That's not all. I found the cover letter Maureen wrote telling you to read them. It was in your house. I knew Tara was the one who found them. I -- I panicked. I told Clay."

Over the space of 30 seconds, Jax's face slides from studiousness to incredulity to a barely-restrained rage. Quaking with fury, Jax asks, "Clay knew? That Tara had these?" Gemma confirms, "He tried to kill Tara. That thing that happened at the park? That wasn't the cartel. That was guys Clay hired to kill your wife, Jax." Jax has stopped quaking and he has passed into a frightening place of utter stillness.

Gemma uses this opportunity to paint Tara as lying for all the right reasons: "Don't be upset with her. She didn't want you to read them [because] she didn't know what you might do." Jax, however, is not having it and demands to know what Gemma's agenda is. She self-righteously says, "I know how dangerous secrets can be, and it's time we all knew the truth. Clay Morrow killed your father, stole that seat away from this family, gunned down your father's best friend. He tried to kill your wife." Jax is listening with a terrible alertness. Gemma presses, "He's a murderous traitor, and there's only one thing to do now, Jackson. For your father. your family, and your club. It's in you. It's who you are. Clay has to die."

Interesting how Clay's mortality wasn't on the table when he and Gemma were on the same page about keeping everything covered up, huh? I don't even think that Gemma would have minded Clay killing Tara -- provided it happened to Tara alone and Gemma had plausible deniability. But when Clay told Gemma that he wasn't signing off on her agenda? DONE. It is stunning how Gemma matter-of-factly sends men to the executioner once they recast their priorities and she's no longer at the top of the list. Tig better watch his back.

Jax just sits and has a think as Gemma says, "Read them. See them in your father's own hand. And then you kill him, Jax. You kill Clay before he's on his feet and strikes first. And when it's done, you take your place at the head of this table." That is when Jax looks up at her, and there is nothing like compliance in his face. Might this be the beginning of Jax Teller deciding he's his own man?

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