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To Be, Part 1

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The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the Queen
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The episode right where the other one ended: on Jax's shocked face. He's panting as he watches Opie, and Opie's watching Clay. Clay gasps a little and Opie levels his pistol to shoot again, and that is when Jax wings Opie's gun hand, causing the shot to go wild and miss Clay. Opie reels, and Jax knocks him to the ground, then rushes to assess the damage.

Outside Unser pulls up right as Rat is sprinting across the lot. Rat says, with breathless panic, "I heard shots!" He and Unser head inside and see Opie on the ground by one of the tables, Clay drenched in blood and slumped against the wall, and Jax urging Clay to just keep breathing. Jax shouts to call an ambulance, and Unser shouts back, "Gunshots! Sheriff's going to be all over this." Clay gurgles that Jax should get him outside and the story is "it happened in the garage."

We get a shot of Opie's gun on the table, but it's not like anyone in SAMCRO watches CSI -- and it's not like the San Joaquin's sheriff's department is going to be bringing out the forensic A-team for a shot biker -- and the bikers are already moving Clay per his wishes. Unser, ignored, squawks about the need for a cover story, and Clay blithely opens a new chapter of intragang warfare by saying, "Just say it was black."

As Jax carries Clay out, he tells Unser he'll take care of Opie, and orders, "Just get rid of those guns and take care of the blood!" Unser mutters, "I'm getting real good at that."

As Rat and Jax carry Clay through the clubhouse, Jax makes up the story: "He was shot by two black guys outside the garage. If you ever want to make patch, that's your story until I tell you otherwise." Rat's all, "There's another story? I was too distracted by the two black men shooting up the place to notice." Gentle readers, open up your death pool on Rat... now. If it's one thing this show has taught us over four seasons, it's that people who lie for SAMCRO have a funny way of coming to harm.

We go from Clay moaning through bloodied teeth to Gemma popping awake in the middle of the night and sitting up in bed. She hustles out of the bedroom, her spousal ESP pinging away.

Cut to Jax hustling the wincing, bleeding Opie into the tow truck. He then orders Rat gone and dashes over to check on Clay leaned up against a tool chest in the garage. Clay has looked better. Jax asks Unser, "You think he's going to make it?" and Unser neutrally shrugs. He hustles Jax out, and sits down next to Clay to wait for the cops to show. The two men do not pass the time conversing about all the silly misadventures Gemma's talked them into over the years.

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