Sons of Anarchy
To Be, Act 2

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Someone Found the “Multiple Undo” Command
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The episode opens with the full might of the U.S. government arrayed in a grassy field near the Wahewa reservation. Think of Woodstock, only with fewer unwashed miscreants and more firepower. Potter explains, "In the last 16 months, this case has taken 98,000 man hours in four different countries. Recently, it claimed the life of our colleague, FBI Agent Ronald Worski. Now, our sacrifices and hard work allow us this moment -- an opportunity to bring three violent and criminal organizations to justice. Ladies and gentlemen, we are clear to execute all warrants." Interesting note about the posterboards over Potter's shoulders: the SAMCRO one features red slashes through Bobby Elvis and Juice, while Piney and Kozik are next to one another. We also get Happy's mugshot, and it is the only one where his club nickname is his first name. Also, his last name appears to start with an L. It would be kind of awesome if Happy's real name was Happy. And it would explain a lot along the manner of "A Boy Named Sue."

Everyone who's present begins clapping; Roosevelt rolls his eyes and gives a few golf claps. Potter continues, "And whatever or whomever you believe in, may it grant you safety and speed."

And on that note, we flash to Jax and Chibs zooming past Charming Heights on their bikes, presumably off to the big gun-swap show.

Then we flash to Romeo and Luis, who are hanging in the back of their Range Rover. Romeo says, "I talked to Teller. MC's on board. Irish will be there. Transport's all set." In the front seat, a guy identified as Medina nods and says, "All right. Let's go. We don't want to be late."

Jax and Chibs arrive at the Coke-K corral. Happy's terrorized the Tacoma guys into loading the van, and Jax nods, then deputizes him to make sure none of the Wahewa are poking around. We then see the scene through a laptop screen and pull back to watch Potter and Roosevelt watching the bikers. Roosevelt notes that only one out of three notorious criminal gangs is there; Potter explains that only one out of three notorious criminal gangs likes to arrive a little early.

Right then, a Range Rover pulls up. Potter turns around with a "What the hell?" expression, and a minute later, we all join him: the Range Rover has disgorged Medina, Luis and Romeo. And we get a formal introduction: "Alphonse Medina, operative supervisor, Central Intelligence Agency."

Potter won't look Medina in the eye; he looks at his chart and says dryly, "Let me guess. You recruited Señor Parada and Torres from Grupo Aeromóvil. (The Grupo Aeromóvil de Fuerzas Especiales are the Mexican army's special forces unit, often recruited to carry out black ops.) Medina would like to talk in private, but Potter mutters tightly, "No. If the three amigos have something to say, say it to my team." Romeo cheerfully says, "Yes, we've been working with the CIA." Luis adds, "NCS, inside Sonora." (The NCS, or National Clandestine Service, is the branch of the CIA that runs covert operations. So, for those of you playing along at home: Romeo and Luis were recruited by the U.S. government while they were still in the Mexican special forces; they are part of a black-ops effort the CIA is executing for the U.S.)

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