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If we learn anything from the opening montage in this episode, let it be this: Never doubt what a group of committed bikers can do to turn an abandoned sweet shoppe into a den suitable for SAMCRO business. It is kind of a mystery to me why these guys would want to go with prostitution and porn for their businesses when they can run a moving service, and thus their customers can be screwed in an entirely legal fashion.

Also, we see Tara hugging Wendy outside the day care at the hospital. The two women cling to one another and I wish for the umpteenth time that they'd just run off together and build a sane new life up in Oregon.

We see that Patterson's getting roasted in the local press for her perceived inaction on the shooting, and we should all be grateful that this is only a series of newspapers we're looking at and not, say, the Internet comments because that would be a parade of idiocy-fueled conspiracy theories.

And for a final montage note: Gemma watches the crew moving things out of the bombed-out clubhouse (including the miraculously unscathed table -- I guess none of the firefighters were spiteful enough to try and blast it with enough water to warp it for life), and she retreats to her office to think about how she's losing her nerve line into the club and her man behind bars. What does she have left beyond her grudge match with Tara over the boys?

Then we head out of the opening montage to see Jax in front of the sweet shoppe, handing over three months' rent to the mayor, who does not look too excited to have the Sons spearheading downtown's new revitalization. He needs to turn that frown upside down once he realizes how much more lively chamber of commerce meetings are about to get.

The mayor exposits, "The whole town is spooked, Jax. There's a council meeting next week, there… folks will be talking about how to get rid of the MC." "Well, it's a good thing the mayor has veto power," Bobby says laconically. Hale the Lesser says, "Yeah, for a minute. Shit went down with Charming Heights. I'm done after this term. It means you've got three months to buy some good will."

Jax is aware of that. He's now made aware that Charming Heights is in danger of stalling out because Pope Industries is taking its sweet time in backing the project. And why might they be taking their sweet time? Because when your CEO is murdered, people tend to use the change in leadership to reevaluate business deals and long-term company plans, and someone in that organization is not looking at a proposal and saying, "An opportunity to tie up my money with a development deal soaked in SAMCRO? Where do I sign?" The upshot of this conversation: When Jax let Tig shoot Pope, Jax ended up shooting his club in the foot.

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