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Previously on Sons of Anarchy: So, you know how Tig has this unfortunate habit of killing the wrong woman at the wrong time? Well, it backfired spectacularly on him at the beginning of last season, when the baddie du season, Damon Pope, flambé'd Dawn Traeger in retaliation for his own daughter's murder, then set about attempting to destroy SAMCRO. He got about as far as getting Opie murdered in prison (actually, it was more like "Opie put himself out of his misery"), and then Jax decided to make a deal, insofar as "make a deal" was "hand over a lot of drug money, act deferential toward Pope since he's managed to go legit in Oakland, and bide his time until he could murder Pope and make it look like Clay did it." And why did Jax decide to set up Clay? Because Clay started it.

Actual reason: at the beginning of the season, a few nomads had been folded into the chapter, they were running a side business of breaking into houses as a morale-busting effort ("If we terrorize the people of Charming, everyone will hate and fear Jax!" Clay reasoned, erroneously) and that whole scheme went pear-shaped when the crew killed Sheriff Roosevelt's wife. So that whole mess meant that SAMCRO's relationship with the local constabulary reached a whole new level of uncomfortable, which was the last thing the club needed on account of the ridiculous Pope business and their club president completing his transition to full-bore villain in the wake of losing his best friend. So by the end of the season, Jax dealt with his club's personnel problems by: a) getting Juice to help set up Clay, b) setting up Clay, and c) promising to deliver Tig to Pope's next-of-kin (business division) per an earlier deal. He just needs Tig to do a few more things. Tig, by the way, has no idea.

Tara foolishly tried to Lean In on club business and get Otto to sink the RICO case (remember, he had rolled over on Bobby Elvis and the club after the one-two punch of learning of his beloved wife's death and Bobby Elvis having Things To Do with Luann in season two), but Otto is none too keen on Jax, so he killed a nurse in such a way as to make Tara look like an accessory. Because the nurse happens to have a brother who is: a) a law enforcement savant, b) filled with a thirst for revenge, and c) crazy and/or on many drugs, which is always a winning combination for acting judiciously.

Otto has achieved a larger goal -- make life miserable for Jax Teller and his relations -- while also ensuring that his last months on Earth are going to be a meditation in protracted misery. It couldn't happen to a nicer con. As for Tara, she spent much of the season in denial as to the nature of the man she married, but by the end of the season, she was maneuvering to get herself and her boys out of Charming and up to Oregon. This plan has been scotched with her arrest, and last season ended with Gemma sauntering into the space Tara left behind while Jax stared in shock at how ridiculous his life is.

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