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She Who Gets the Hair Frosting Shall Become Queen of SAMCRO
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Two boys are biking down a dusty path when they hear the rumble of motorcycles. They stop to watch as Jax and his crew go by. Jax turns to look at them and for a moment, time slows: all we see is Jax staring at the two friends, impossibly still as the trees slowly blur around him. Then the moment passes and Jax leads his club back to the first day of their post-Opie lives.

Meanwhile, Gemma awakes to find herself locked in a jail cell and about to be conscripted into an all-hooker number of "He Had It Coming," if the way Carla's prowling around is any indication. Carla lays out why she's so unhappy and it's not because she's been the same bandage dress and hooker heels for 24 hours straight now and body parts are going to begin falling off due to lack of circulation. The reason? Someone called the cops on the Best Little Cathouse in Charming and, according to amateur logician Carla, it had to be either the young woman Gemma beat up or the old man she's ditched for Nero. Either way, it's all Gemma's fault. Before things get tricky, Gemma's been bailed out. She is not particularly gracious in her goodbyes.

Stunner! It's Wendy who bailed out Gemma. After some tart words about which charges have been dropped (prostitution) versus which ones are still alive (assault), Gemma tries to pull the poor-me act with "I don't know who else to call," and Wendy chortles, "You must be really running out of friends if I'm your emergency contact number." Gemma deflects, asks how much she owes Wendy, then thanks Wendy. The other woman acidly says, "No problem. It's the least I could do after you helped me with Tara. I should have known listening to you would just make things worse." Gemma does not look thrilled to have been called out for that little stunt, but she does correctly note that as a grown adult with free will, Wendy always had the option of not listening to Gemma. She asks, "So why'd you help me." Wendy says philosophically, "Putting coin in the karma bank. Come on -- I'll give you a ride home."

Gemma decides that she'd rather get a ride home with Nero and since she's no longer dependent on Wendy for a ride, Gemma can now swipe her claws at Wendy by reminding her that Tara's not the only parent of Abel's to whom Wendy must make a case and that so far as Jax is concerned, Wendy's the woman who tried to kill his firstborn. Wendy sighs, "I know," and heads out, presumably to sit in her car and repeat the Serenity Prayer for an hour or so.

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