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An Eye For an Eye, and an Eyeful of Ass

So! Time to introduce three new bikers, courtesy of the fact that the Nomad charter is disbanding for some reason I either cannot recall or was never mentioned. The three guys who will be filling out the table until such time as their usefulness to the story is outlived are Frankie Diamonds, Go-Go and Greg the Peg (so named because of the prosthesis on his left leg.) Clay comes wheezing into the table, all dramatically infirm and totally channeling Piney with his little oxygen canister and air of sullen impotence. Anyway! Nomads voted in with no drama whatsoever, Bobby's return hailed by his brothers and then Jax moves on to his business: "I've asked Bobby to be my VP." Tig asks, "What about Ope?" because I guess nobody at Piney's thing noticed Opie's total bitchface or Jax's suffering air and figured that those two were on the outs. Jax says, "I think Ope's going to have to step away from the club for awhile. Too much damage done to his family." The "BY THIS CLUB" part is tactfully left unspoken. Jax continues, "He's having a hard time not putting that pain on SAMCRO." I like how "putting that pain on" is the new "correctly blaming."

Clay takes that as his cue to speak up. He rests his head in his hands for a moment -- we see that he's still wearing his wedding ring -- and says he's got to confess something: "The Lobo cartel did not kill Piney. I did." Tig looks shocked. Chibs, however, does not. Jax is not even bothering to disguise the "What fresh bullshit will you be shoveling today?" look. Clay spins it out: He and Piney had their beefs, he went up to the cabin to try and work out their differences, they got drunk, firearms came out, they wrestled and an unfortunate gun accident happened. But Clay lied for the good of the club, you see: "I figured if the Irish or the cartel learned there was an internal beef in the club, they'd pull the plug on the deal, so I put it on the Mexicans. I planned on telling everyone as soon as the heat was off." We cut to Jax looking around the table, darkly amused by Clay's tale and his brothers' willingness to buy it. Clay then craftily says, "But Opie found out the truth before I could say anything. He's the one who shot me." Cue the ripples of shock and outrage. Clay continues, "I lied to Jax, told him it was black." Tig is absolutely stunned and he stammers out, "Why'd you lie, man?" Clay pauses and Jax dryly says, "You were protecting Ope." He picks up the story, pointing out that since Clay needed an ambulance, they needed a plausible story. Chibs doesn't look like he's buying this. Clay sorrowfully says, "I don't blame Ope for trying to kill me. I only wish I could explain to him what happened."

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