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An Eye For an Eye, and an Eyeful of Ass

Romeo says that Jax should keep the guns and drugs flowing, and he'll keep RICO off Jax's back. Jax calls, "When are they off my back for good." "When I don't need you anymore," Romeo says. Jax's entire demeanor changes as he calmly threatens, "I wouldn't dismiss me that easily, commander Parata. You had no choice but to play your CIA card. It gave you leverage and kept us in line. But it also gave me a big stick. Now, I'm sure Galindo's crew embraces Uncle Sam's help, but how would the street react to that? Anyone around here finds out you're doubling up as a Fed, your sway in Cali ain't shit? Your coke demand dies in a day." Romeo says, "Looks like we need each other." That was a little too easily conceded. Remember how Potter said SAMCRO's ultimately on the losing end of this whole thing? I suspect we're going to look back at this scene later and wince for how wrong Jax is about everything.

But for now, let us rejoice in the fact that Bobby Elvis walks among us once again. Yippee!

Here is a sign as to far SAMCRO has fallen: Sheriff Roosevelt can waltz onto the clubhouse patio, razz Tig, Juice, Chibs, Filthy Phil and Happy about their churning leadership and let them know he'll be sniffing around the rash of home invasions that seem to be bedeviling SAMCRO hangers-on... and the boys can't do squat. In fact, Roosevelt is able to get Juice to the side and quietly tell him, "If this Pope thing spills over into Charming, I expect you to tell me. Good faith gesture." Thus does Juice key into one of the dominant themes in this series: There is no such thing as a buried secret.

We are now down by what are presumed to be the Oakland docks (per the cranes in the background) and Damon Pope is meeting with a few very nervous lieutenants of Laroy's. He is not at all happy with the boys, because a few weeks ago, he had told the One-Niners to keep their homicidal impulses in check and now, "I just got a call from the military arm of the Galindo drug cartel wanting me to sit down with Jax Teller. Do you know how hard I have worked to distance myself from that element?" The young lieutenant does not, but he has decent survival instincts, so he fakes it. Biting off every word with exaggerated calm, Pope says, "Your need for 'street cred' is making my life difficult. It stops now." The lieutenant protests that perhaps Pope should be conveying this message to Laroy, as Laroy is the one making these calls. Cut to Pope's bald second-in-command, August, shaking his head and smirking with undiluted schadenfreude. Pope heads back to the car, telling August, "I'm too close to this, August. No loose ends." August is on it. He beckons the One-Niner lieutenant and his friend closer, and then opens the door to a submerged metal storage locker. He opens it and the One-Niner looks at the moist pile of human parts contained therein and asks, "Shit, man, is that Laroy?" August cheerily replies, "Most of him. Little bitch was screaming so loud, I... I kind of lost my shit. Congratulations! You're in charge." The One-Niner protests that really, he was never on the gangster fast track, but August isn't having any of it. He heads back to Pope's car with, "Rise to it, brother. With great power comes great responsibility!" The One-Niner quakes to his friend, "I ain't no Spider-Man, n****."

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