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An Eye For an Eye, and an Eyeful of Ass

Cut to Unser and Gemma chatting and really the whole point of this scene is to establish that Gemma's turned into such a mess, she's completely blanked on Piney's memorial. The old queen of SAMCRO, the one who hectored everyone into coming to biker family dinner, would have never forgotten.

And now we segue into a scene between Clay and Gemma, in their old bedroom. Clay is rifling through a box on the dresser as Gemma comes in. He is hunched over and looks ten years older than he did at the start of last season. Then again, so does Gemma. The two stand silently in the bedroom for a moment, then Gemma hands over a ring Clay was looking for. She spits, "Don't take any of the photos." As she leaves, Clay says tremulously, "Can we talk? Please? Two minutes?" Gemma will give him that. Clay breathlessly drops to a chair and leans against a wall before he says, "I know you want me dead. That's why you gave Jax those letters. Shit I did, it's the move I deserved. I'm not a complicated guy, Gem. I'm not like JT. I sink my teeth into a goal, I see it through. It's the soldier in me. All I could see was the endgame, the money. The shit with Tara, me lying to you? Just part of the mission. I'm not going to insult you by saying I'm sorry -- there's too much damage for that. But your involvement in John's death, the stuff he says about you in some of those letters? I take that to my grave. I-I don't expect you to forgive me, but at least I know I did one right thing. I love you, Gem. I always will." Gemma begins sobbing, and when Clay comes up behind her to offer a comforting hand, she lays him flat on the ground. Completely dry-eyed, she says, "You don't ever lay a hand on me again."

I don't know about y'all, but I am very much looking forward to watching all the ways these two are going to try and make each other miserable this season.

Jax is conferencing with Romeo and Luis, explaining that Galen's latest hissy is over "our black problem," and Luis snarks, "Yeah, hard to spin 'killing an innocent girl' in a good direction." Jax sighs that he knows, and trying to deal with rampaging gangsters isn't exactly his idea of moving things along. "I need to get to Pope and make things right," Jax says, and presses Romeo to help make it happen. After all, he reasons, the sooner SAMCRO settles this unfortunate business with Pope, the sooner they can go back to running guns to the Irish, which means the sooner Romeo and company can wrap up their gun-running cases with the cartel. Also relevant to this scene: 1) In order to keep the whole Otto-ratted-on-Bobby thing quiet, it's going to be necessary to bring Bobby into the know on this whole cartel situation -- but nobody else in the club is to know any of the details. (I enjoy how Jax's leadership of the club requires him to lie by omission to a group of people who do not take kindly to anything other than total transparency from their brothers.) 2) Jax has figured out that the feds had a current mole in the club, something Romeo absolutely does not deny. (Again, handy way to separate Jax from the rest of the club by forcing him to live with the knowledge that one of his brothers is a rat.)

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