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An Eye For an Eye, and an Eyeful of Ass

We then cut to a brief and intriguing scene where Clay tries to get on his bike and discovers his arthritis is too severe. He can't ride.

Goodman's summoned his cleaner, and lowered him into the storage area. He makes the mistake of turning his back on Tig, who struggles up to a sitting position, and quietly informs Goodman, "You're dead, n*****. You're all dead." Goodman, who clearly thinks there's no call for this sort of bigotry in Obama's post-racial America, strides over all, "You kidding me with this shit?" and goes to kick Tig again, only to discover, far too late, that Tig was expecting him to do that. The bereaved father then kills the accomplice to his daughter's murder with his bare hands, grabs the detective's piece and shoots the cleaner for good measure. And then Tig collapses into wracking sobs.

There's an impromptu strategy conference at the Knowles-Teller kitchen table. Everyone quickly figures out that Pope bought off those witnesses, and he did so in order to get Jax, Tig and Chibs inside the prison system, where presumably they'd all meet the kinds of gruesomely imaginative deaths that would make the former writers of OZ recoil in horror. The boys have to figure a way out of this -- and in a hurry, as there are sheriffs at the clubhouse looking for the three wanted men. Gemma urges the guys to run and she's got just the spot; Tara is opposed. Jax backs his mom's play, to his old lady's disgust, piously bleating that it's the best thing in the long run for the family. Everyone leaves Tara alone to fume in the house. Gemma stops to give Tara an "I won" look, because that's how she rolls.

We go into the episode-ending musical montage. Unser is feeding Gemma's bird now that she's off doing God-knows-what (and whom) in the evenings; he clucks about how he misses Gemma too. The boys head out to their new hideyhole. Rat watches TV on the couch as Tara sits, smokes a joint, and ignores Thomas crying on the baby monitor. (So that's how you ignore the nerve-shredding baby cries -- smoke some really good pot. Why aren't the child care books sharing that?) We see Clay drinking alone and Opie slapping a For Sale sign on his bike, then walking off while his club brothers watch. Then we see Tig sitting on the edge of the still-smoking metal locker, rocking back and forth as his tears flow.

Cut to Damon Pope buying ice cream for a neighborhood full of kids. "Who wants some ice creeeeeeeam!" yells out the man who killed at least two people today, if not more, and although he laughs as he hands out the treats, once the kids scatter, all the life goes out of Pope's face. Revenge hasn't provided him with any closure, it would seem.

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Sons of Anarchy




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