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An Eye For an Eye, and an Eyeful of Ass

All Tig can do is watch as Dawn bangs against the sides of the metal storage container, blazing with fire and sobbing, "Daddy!" until she succumbs. (The fact-checking monkey in my brain is all, "Wouldn't the smoke inhalation get her before the flames do?" but I could be mixing that up with how people died when burning at the stake. The point is, watching a young woman bang around while burning looks suitably gory but strains credulity.) He is just... he's broken, like whatever he's feeling is vast beyond the capacity for expression, so all he can do is try to scream and it's still not enough.

After it's all over but for the smoke coming out of the container, Pope crouches down to where Tig is kneeling and says that after this is all said and done, Goodman will be taking Tig down to county to book him for Veronica's murder and, "You should keep this vivid memory to yourself. I'd hate to see the same thing happen to your other daughter." Tig looks at Pope with cold, lunatic eyes and says, "I am going to cut your ugly black head off." Because racist invective has no place in the ritualistic burning murder of a biker's daughter, Goodman kicks Tig in the stomach.

Night has fallen at the Knowles-Teller household and Gemma's there, second-guessing all of Tara's parenting decisions as payback for having the daycare surprise sprung on her. Tara says, "Let's be honest: I don't think you're up for the task [of caring for the kids]. You have every right to be distracted, you've been through a lot --" "Just say what you mean," Gemma snaps, and Tara's all, "Fine. I smell weed and alcohol on your breath every morning." Gemma is taken aback but rallies with, "I don't smoke or drink in the morning." Which means that the amounts in her system from the night before must be truly formidable. Tara says as much. She adds, "Until you pull it together, I don't want you alone with my boys." God's Fierce Mother does not take it well when other mothers assert their protectiveness, but Tara could not care less.

Jax, Bobby and Chibs come in right then -- visiting the kids was apparently high on Bobby's post-prison to-do list -- so Gemma and Tara provide a convenient audience for Jax's phone call from Unser. The upshot of the call: the county's just issued arrest warrants for the murders of Veronica Pope and that One-Niner, and that's just too bad to Jax, Chibs and Tig. As Jax clicks off the phone and turns to face everyone, Tara speaks for everyone with, "Oh, God. Now what?"

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Sons of Anarchy




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