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An Eye For an Eye, and an Eyeful of Ass

Clay is sitting in his new bachelor pad, brushing off Juicey's mother-henning, when Tig comes in. The old sergeant-at-arms sits down and says, "I... uh... murdered an innocent girl." Clay refuses to take any responsibility for that with, "The lie was to protect Ope and the club, not you." Tig points out, "I was with you in the hospital every day for three weeks. You should have told me the truth, Clay." Clay claims he didn't know how. But before this conversation can get anywhere near sincerity or resolution, Tig's phone rings. It's an Oakland detective who claims to have stopped Dawn for a DUI. He's got a brother-in-law who's a Grim Bastard, so in some sort of biker solidarity move if Tig picks up Dawn himself, they won't charge her. So this conversation's on hold until Tig gets back from O-town with his squiffy daughter. As Tig leaves, Clay looks at a photo of himself with Tig -- both men very young -- then sighs.

We have a short scene where Roosevelt and his deputy deliver some exposition: They have witnesses that confirmed Tig's the one who killed Veronica Pope, they have witnesses that have confirmed Jax and Tig's shooting at a One-Niner on the road, and they are not all that keen on letting a bunch of homicidal bikers stroll around randomly shooting up people without consequence.

Tig pulls up to the Oakland yards and meets up with Detective Goodman, presumably of the Oakland PD. And now, Tig learns the hard way that you can't just trust some random dude on the phone to say he's palsy-walsy with the Grim Bastards and have him do right by you, because, in fact, this cat's on the Damon Pope payroll. Tig is cuffed, the cuffs are attached to a chain, and he's walked over to the metal locker where the remains of Spider-Man and Laroy are. The locker is currently closed.

Pope's car pulls up and Pope gets out. Tig says, "Ah, goddamn it," but there's no real rancor there. He's maybe a little miffed at being so stupid to fall into this, but utterly unsurprised -- and perhaps feeling like a little of his guilt will be erased if the father of his latest murder victim kills him.

Damon asks him, "Do you know what happens now?" "You kill me," Tig says. "That'd be too easy," Pope says. He nods to Goodman, who opens the locker.

We see Dawn Trager inside. Tig leans forward and his entire demeanor changes. He's pacing the chain like a fearful animal, calling Dawn's name with a blend of worry and denial, helplessness and panic. And it gets worse. Because here's the thing: Dawn isn't dead. She had been unconscious, but she comes to once August covers her in gasoline. Tig begs, in a low, resigned voice, "Please. Not her. Please, kill me. Not her. I am begging you. Kill me. Please." Damon says, "You know my pain, Mr. Trager," then flips his lit cigar into the locker.

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Sons of Anarchy




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