Fall Pilot Season: Sons of Anarchy

by Mindy Monez September 4, 2008
Sons of Anarchy Premiere Back from commercial! Abel's surgery is over, and boy does tramp stamp doctor Tara look tired. Gemma goes into Wendy's hospital room and warmly tells her that her son is going to make it. Then she suggests they say a nice prayer together, which quickly turns into Katey Sagal praying to God that Abel is saved from his murderous junkie whore mother. It's a great zing and all, but Katey Sagal's just so adorable I just wanna go, "C'mere, you!" every time she tries to be menacing. This could just be me, but she has a warmth she can't really hide, even when she's calling a distraught mother a murderous junkie whore. Anyway, Wendy's all like, "It's different this time! I can clean up!" And Gemma grabs her by the throat and is all like, you come near that kid and I'll kill you, and walks out, suggesting she turn to Jesus. Wendy opens her bible to find that Gemma has slipped a fully stocked syringe of crank inside, and starts sobbing uncontrollably. Yeah, how different is it this time now, crackie?

Jax is at the hospital now, where he runs into tramp stamp doctor Tara in an empty hallway. They happily embrace over his son surviving the surgery and seriously look like they're going to make out when she notices the blood all over him and gets this look on her face like she totally knows it's not his blood. She pushes him away and tells him to clean himself up, and "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You" starts rolling to reveal Big Burly Biker up on that nightclub stage in full-on Elvis get-up! I could die! His voice is pure velvet! Then a montage of tramp stamp doctor Tara gazing googly-eyed at Abel, Wendy foaming at the mouth and convulsing from all the crank while a zillion doctors hurriedly try to save her, and more of Big Burly Biker's performance, which is truly a sight to behold. He's fantastic. The montage ends with Jax tenderly looking over his son in one of those preemie incubators, trying to hold the tears back. Gemma slowly walks up behind him and whispers, "He's perfect." and Clay shows up behind the glass to complete the family portrait. It's really a very touching moment. A totally fucked up family, but a truly touching moment, just the same. Even criminals have feelings.

Find out what Katey Sagal thinks about her new role in our interview. And then get the dish on more new shows in our fall season preview.

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