Fall Pilot Season: Sons of Anarchy

by Mindy Monez September 4, 2008
Sons of Anarchy Premiere

Clay is wandering around the club complaining about a rank smell. After some searching, he finds the severed buck head from the car windshield in a cardboard box underneath the pool table. Everyone is grossed out. Half-Sack explains he was going to mount it as a present for the club, but admits he knows nothing about mounting buck heads and everybody laughs at him. Clay is still grossed out. I love Half-Sack.

Cut to some underground biker boxing match. Jax, Clay, and a few other Sons are still debating what to do about the guns, but they're leaning towards invading the Mayans. This is surprising to no one. Jax makes some futile comment about how maybe the gang should stop being criminals, and everyone, especially Clay, look at him like he has antennae bonging around on top of his head.

Jax and Clay walk out alone together. Clay asks Jax if he's doing OK, and then tells him not to worry about the Mayans right now, and to just take care of his family. He then reveals that he started the gang with Jax's father, and orders him to go see his son. They embrace, all teary-eyed.

Now we're in Drea de Matteo's hospital room. Jax wakes her gently, and she goes into a classic junkie "Everybody hates me! I'm so sorry! I promise I'll get help!" speech, and Jax wisely doesn't buy it, but he assures her that the hospital will do everything they can for the baby. Then she tries to manipulate him into removing all the evidence against her in her house, and he even more wisely laughs in her face and walks away disgusted, which would be impressive, except in the next scene he's in Drea de Matteo's house, presumably to do what she asked. Gemma is already there, however, maniacally "cleaning," though she's clearly looking for something. He tells her the kid is going to die, and she slaps him pretty hard and shames him for not being strong for his son. He says he can't go see his son yet, and she says, "Why? Because he'll break your heart? It's called being a father." Ouch. I mean, she doesn't know yet that he found out he's living the exact opposite of what his father wanted for him, but still. Lots of daddy issues on this show. She tells him the family is exceptionally strong, because they can survive the stress of heart defects and being dragged by semi-trucks, which are what killed his brother and his father, respectively. More brother issues for Jax. More father issues for Jax. He abruptly asks her if his father ever talked to her about his vision for the gang, and she brushes him off, saying something about a brotherhood, because this show is obsessed with saying that word. He tells her he recently found some stuff indicating that he wanted more of a hippie commune on Harleys than a gun-running band of criminals, and she says that he was just young and idealistic back then. You see, had he lived to be her age, he'd totally be into being a hardened criminal. It's just something that comes with age. She leaves. Jax flushes a bunch of Drea De Matteo's drugs. It's not so much that he's stupid, it's that he's weak. They should just let him out; this kid is totally not cut out for this life.

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