Fall Pilot Season: Sons of Anarchy

by Mindy Monez September 4, 2008
Sons of Anarchy Premiere In the meantime, Gemma goes to Drea de Matteo's house, finds her overdosed on the floor and calls her a "stupid junkie bitch." Hee. That's my new dream ringtone.

Cut to the first of many official gang meetings, where the Sons are plotting to retaliate against the Mayans. They need someone to blow shit up in order to do this properly, so they have to convince some guy named Opie, who is apparently the best, to do the job while their regular explosives guy takes a vacay against his will because he needs a break. Meeting adjourned.

Gemma shows up to take Jax and the gang to hospital to see Drea de Matteo. A doctor tells Jax they had to do an emergency c-section, and that the baby is 10 weeks pre-mature, with a heart defect and some other internal problems. Gemma calls the heart defect "the family flaw" quite smugly, and judging by the long scar on her breast plate, I can see why. Jax tells the doctor the baby's name is Abel, which, wow, they really love this brotherhood theme they've got going on. They're going to operate on Abel, but outlook doesn't look great.

The doctor, whose name is Tara, clearly has some history with Jax. She says she wants to help his son. Jax is touched by this, but he quickly rushes out, saying he has something to do. Clay tells some Sons to watch Jax's back. Cut to Jax and a few Sons walking into a bar. Jax goes to town on some guy playing pool, shouting "You sold crank to my pregnant ex-wife?!" in between stomps, kicks and punches. The dude is seriously effed up by the end of it, and Jax doesn't look like he feels much better, but they all leave anyway. As they do, a parked car containing a very white trashed-up Skinner from The X-Files and some other guy in a wife beater watch them go with great interest.

Jax is now at some lumber site trying to convince this Opie character to blow shit up for him, but Opie protests, saying he can't do the job because he just got out of jail and made a promise to his wife, who was not happy about having to raise their two kids alone while he was in jail for five years. Makes sense, but seriously, why would you have two kids with a gang member? I will never understand this. Jax does his best to persuade Opie to do it for the money, because he knows his family is in debt. Opie looks very nervous, but he's clearly going to do the job.

New company meeting! Now the Sons are planning how to get all the guns back by Sunday. Either they just get new ones from somewhere else, or they invade the Mayans and steal them back in some stupidly risky operation. I wonder which they'll choose? They celebrate Jax's vengeance on the crank dealer, and the gang tells Jax they'll always be there for him in his time of need. Meeting adjourned.

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