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A Father and Child Reunion is Only an Ocean Away

Emilia the caregiver lets them in, and Gemma and Tig make their introductions. Emilia's been there for about six months, hired by Gemma's (late) mother when her father became too much to deal with on her own. Gemma says, "I didn't know he got that bad. How's he doing?" Emilia replies, "It depends. Some days, he's sharper than me. Others, he barely knows where he is." And he is not aware his wife died -- "trauma like that, it usually sends him deeper into the dementia. It's probably for the best." Gemma's clearly steeling herself to go in. Tig catches this and asks Emilia if there's someplace he can wash up. All of you, start the betting pool on how long before Tig is giving the caregiver the full Tig Trager experience. No doubt he sees it as a two-birds-one-stone scenario: he can give Gemma some privacy with her dad, and he can lay the groundwork for the inevitable naked time with Emilia.

Gemma heads into the living room and whispers, "Hi, Daddy." Fighting tears, she continues, "It's Gemma." Her dad rises, weeping, "My baby girl, my baby girl!" They embrace, but Gemma's happiness is tempered when her dad calls for her deceased mother. After a minute, her dad says, "She's probably down getting her hair done. Sit with me." As Gemma does, her dad says, "She'll be back soon." "I hope not," Gemma mutters. But she sits with her father and they fall back into each other's arms, tenderly, tearfully. And thus we meet another generation of Gemma's family.

This long and eventful day is drawing to an end, and we're at Half-Sack's wake. His military buddies are there, as are Sons of Anarchy from all over. Unsurprisingly, Hale and the rest of Charming's PD are out in force. Josh Hale materializes out of a cloud of sulphur and comments on how this one kid has a bigger turnout for his wake than a local archbishop did. Let that be a lesson to mainstream congregations across America: start wooing the valuable and populous outlaw motorcycle club demographic. Hale lays another piece of season three's plot foundation: "It makes folks a little nervous when they see SAMCRO vulnerable like this. It's not supposed to happen in Charming." Replies the man who spent last season skipping hand-in-hand down the street with the neo-Nazis, "They should get nervous, and see the scumbags for who they really are."

The SAMCRO regulars we all know and like are hanging out with Kozik. You may or may not remember that he's a member of the SOA Tacoma chapter, and that there is a deep history of bad blood between him and Tig. Kozik tells Bobby Elvis, Chibs and Opie he's sorry to hear about Half-Sack, and Clay tells everyone, "I was just telling Kozik we need bodies around our table. We're so deep in our shit, we're forgetting to bring up club ranks." Opie points out there are three hangers-on they can bring up -- Filthy Phil, Shepherd and Miles -- and Chibs points out that Happy's circumstances make him a good fit as a regular. Clay prods Kozik, who says he wants to come back to Charming. Bobby Elvis says flatly, "That ends on Tig, brother." Clay, however, assures him, "We'll make it happen." Unless Clay can personally assure Tig that Kozik will firebomb every doll factory in America, I don't see how Tig's going to take this well. But we shall see what we shall see.

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