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A Father and Child Reunion is Only an Ocean Away

Now that Jax has run his errands ("Go glower at wide variety of criminal elements; cry at Dad's grave; get more confused"), he's home again. He wanders around the kitchen and notices that Bobby Elvis left Gemma's most recent phone number on a pad of paper. Then he wanders down the hall and notices the nursery is trashed. A long sigh and a muttered "Jesus Christ." But Jax doesn't seem particularly surprised. Whether it's because he routinely drives the women in his life to the point of total, room-wrecking insanity or because he and Tara actually have the kind of history where this display of temper doesn't surprise him ... eh, it's a mystery for the ages.

Gemma has tired of the scenic Rogue River area and tries again to elude her guardians. This is not hard, as the two Oregon guys are keeping an eye on the road, and Tig is off doing who-knows-what. She tries a few car doors and gets lucky on #3, a big freaking' truck. Then Gemma tries hot-wiring it -- something that requires her reading glasses, which is an awesome touch.

Jax picks that exact moment to try calling his mom. We cut to Gemma asking the universe, "Really?" And as she goes to dig out the phone, the driver of the truck happens to come out and catch her. He drags her out by a thigh -- we quick-cut to Jax all, "Huh. Nobody's answering" -- and asks, "You stealing my car, bitch?" "No, I'm the valet, shithead," she snarls back. The guy's got Gemma pinned to the truck courtesy of a hand at her throat, and she swings back the hand still holding her hot-wiring knife and stabs the guy in the thigh. His screams attract the attention of the Oregon boys plus Tig, and Gemma turns to get back into the car. Tig asks, "Are you out of your goddamned mind?" She reluctantly concedes, "Maybe a little."

Cut to her motel room, where Tig is trying to impress how not-good her actions were. I love the staging -- she's in a desk chair, head down, slightly pouting, with her fists shoved between her knees, and Tig is on the end of the bed, looking for all the world like a very hairy Ward Cleaver about to tell the Beav that nice folks simply don't try to hot-wire cars and stab their outraged owners. That lasts for a second. Then Gemma rises and tells Tig that he knows as well as she does that he can't keep her there if she doesn't want to be. Tig throws a little guilt trip: "Why are you doing this to me? I promised Clay I'd keep you safe." But Gemma's got another road trip in mind, and tells the Tigger he can come with her if he's interested in keeping her safe. Tig knows when he's beaten.

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