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A Father and Child Reunion is Only an Ocean Away

Tara is finally talking to the FBI and Stahl. It's not a productive conversation.

Outside, Unser's giving Clay the 411 on whether or not law enforcement has any leads on Abel (short answer: no), then asks, "How's our girl doing?" (All together now: Awww.) Clay reassures Unser that Gemma's fine and "it's probably best I don't give you too many details." When Tara exits, Clay starts for Stahl (who's right behind her), and Unser holds him back, reminding him that he's no good to anyone behind bars. As Tara walks by, Unser asks if she's okay; Stahl, following behind, snottily says, "I'm okay too, thanks." Then she tries to goad Tara into saying something: "I find it hard to believe you've never run into Cameron Hayes before. He's been in town for months running guns for your future father-in-law." I find it hard to believe Stahl thinks anything Tara says here would be admissible in a court of law. Then again, this is the nation's most incompetent ATF agent, so maybe she's unclear on how due process works. Tara whips around and snarls, "I find it hard to believe you've still got a badge after what you did to Gemma." Stahl sticks to her Gemma story, and when Tara tells her to stay out of the way, Stahl blocks Tara from getting in her car and purrs, "Or what, doctor? You're going to have one of Jax's boys gun me down?" Tara points out that "I don't need a boy to handle my shit." Well, that's one of them in the scene who can claim that. As Tara drives off, Clay is practically smiling with paternal pride.

Stahl tries to puncture his seeming equanimity by sauntering over and assuring Clay they'll find Gemma. Clay shrugs, "From what I hear, that's not going to matter much for you. Chief tells me you really pissed off the FBI [by] stepping on a three-year neo-Nazi sting." Stahl attempts to deflect with, "Lot of bad guys out there. Sometimes the pursuit gets a little messy." Clay taunts, "Is that why your bosses pulled you off the Irish? 'Cause it got a little messy? Seems the boy in the bad shooting hit didn't do you much good after all. All you did by framing Gemma was get a man killed and a baby kidnapped." Stahl gives him the lemon face at hearing that, possibly because her other bright idea to frame Opie as a snitch led to getting a woman killed and a bunch of children going motherless. She's 0-for-2 so far in trying to use "the ends justify the means" as an argument for her actions. Clay leans in and indulges in a personal threat: "If anything happens to my grandson, I promise you: I'm going to shove a gun barrel up that bony ass of yours, and I'm going to blow your black heart out." Stahl looks slightly alarmed. As she should: if any show would follow through on that method of execution, it's this one.

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