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A Father and Child Reunion is Only an Ocean Away

Within minutes, the two men have pulled into a house, where a dozen of their closest, most muscle-y friends are waiting with big guns. Bobby Elvis assesses the scene ("Oh, SHIT.") and Clay throws up his hands with a disclaimer that really, this is just a social call, albeit one that got off to an awkward start. One of the guys in the car angrily asks why Bobby Elvis tried to blow off his head in the car, and Bobby Elvis drawls, "Just tryin' to get your attention." The guy shoves a pistol to Bobby Elvis's forehead and says, "You got it now, bitch!" Bobby Elvis shrugs and deadpans to Clay, "I got his attention." "I can see that," Clay gravely replies. HA! Jax and Opie wheel right into this standoff. Bobby Elvis explains that SAMCRO has no beef with a group of younger, fitter, better-armed men. Rather, they're after the guy who owns the red boat. Unfortunately, that boat now belongs to said group of younger, fitter, better-armed men. Jax walks up and right into the muzzle of someone's gun as he says, "The guy that did own that boat? He kidnapped my eight month old son." The heinous act is enough to shock the crew into lowering their weapons. (This move reminds me a bit of The Wire and the whole truce-on-Sunday code, where people who would casually kill each other were shocked -- shocked! -- that anyone would ever open fire during the hours when old ladies were heading off to or coming back from church.) So, Jax and the sentimental gentleman confirm that it was indeed an "Irish dude" who used to own the boat and dumped it for quick cash, but there was no baby with him when he made the deal. Jax thanks everyone for their time, and the subdued SAMCRO putters off.

Jax eventually ends up at his dad's grave, just sitting and crying. One of his two gang rings (the "SO" one -- he's still wearing the "NS" one) is now atop John Teller's grave. When he decides it's time to go, he runs into Piney, who asks, "How's the old man?" Jax replies, "Still dead." Piney wryly says, "I hear that happens." "What are you doing, cruising for widows?" Jax asks. (Again: HA!) But alas, Piney's not there to get any black-clad dates; he's stuck making the arrangements for Half-Sack. Given how many people associated with SAMCRO get planted in any given year, do you suppose the cemetery's now giving them a frequent-customer punchcard? Bury 11 bodies and the 12th plot is free? Anyway, Piney makes a very sweet offer to be a listening ear if Jax needs one: "I'm not as smart as JT, but I've been known to have my moments." Jax declines, but Piney presses: "We're not shrinks, or priests, and if you don't want to talk to me, that's fine, but you're going to talk to somebody in this club and work this shit out." Jax admits, "I'm trying to find some kind of balance, Piney. The right thing for my family, the club ... every time I think I'm headed in the right direction, I end up in a place I never even knew would feel this bad. What do I do, man?" Piney tells the teary younger man, "Be loyal. Decent. You love the right things. That's who he was. And I miss him. I miss him." Piney stalks off, overcome. And as much as I get how Piney's trying to steer Jax to "know" his father as a man by emulating him as a man ... I can't help but wonder if he's really doing Jax any favors here.

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