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A Father and Child Reunion is Only an Ocean Away

The conversation starts off badly (Tara: "I think you blame me.") and goes downhill from there. Jax has apparently been thinking in the shower, and he's decided that "This has nothing to do with you. None of it does," which is a handy way to diminish how Tara's cared for his child, jeopardized her career on behalf of his club, and begun carrying the guilt over Abel's abduction. So he pulls the "baby, I'm no good for you" card, tops it with a healthy dose of self-pity ("I don't think shit through, what it does to other people") and then ... declines to think through his decision to dump Tara and what it might do to her. This is Jax being noble. Or sort of a wuss who doesn't want to have to think about anyone else's feelings right now. Your call, really.

Tara spends the scene gaping at Jax all, Why am I so smitten with such an idiot? Why must you BE such an idiot? And would it kill you to comb your damn hair every once in a while? Bobby Elvis can probably teach you how -- his hair always looks nice, but after he heads out, she snaps out of her disbelieving state and lays waste to the nursery.

Gemma's giving herself a manicure, collecting the nail clippings over a section of newspaper, when something in the obituaries catches her eye. She takes off her glasses and stares around, clearly rattled by whatever it is she's read.

And now, time for SAMCRO to meet with LeRoy's friend. To the credit of the counterfeiter, he does not immediately lose control of his bladder when Opie looms, and we find out that the counterfeiter had made Cameron one set of papers (he's now Timothy O'Dell when he travels) but he didn't do any travel documents for a baby. This leads noted thinkers Jax and Opie to conclude not that Cameron found someone else for Abel's docs, but rather that Abel could still be local. Oh, hey, Bobby Elvis just had the same thought I did! Jax, in addition to taking the hair-care tips from Bobby Elvis, ask him for a primer on mental habits. The forger stammers out quickly, "Someone trying to hide a kid is not going to get any papers from me. I don't want that kind of trouble." Clay wants more details on what the forger did do, and learns that he met Cameron down in Chinatown, and there's a marina nearby. Juice is going to see if there are any boats registered to Timothy O'Dell.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the law, Hale's packing up to move into his swanky new sheriff digs when his housekeeping (officekeeping?) is interrupted by a visit from his brother and his brother's pet bouffant. Seriously, Jacob Hale's hair deserves its own credits; it looks sentient. And quite possibly as amoral as the human host upon which it perches. Jacob's come into his brother's office for a little fence-mending: "That shit with Zobelle -- I'm sorry." Hale sighs in exasperation: "Doesn't matter now. He's Interpol's problem. Weston's dead, courtesy of Clay, I'm sure." Jacob defends his bad judgment with, "I saw an opportunity I thought could help this town," and Hales takes the piss by acidly inquiring, "And how are the mayoral plans shaping up?" They're shaping up to be a plotline this is season is what they're doing: Jacob is facing off against Oswald (who is, you will remember, indebted to SAMCRO on account of what they did to his daughter's assailant back in season one), and Jacob wants the chief of police to endorse his run, nepotism be damned.

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