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Before we launch into the recap, an apology. Due to circumstances I could not have foreseen – i.e. a preschooler with a stomach virus that kept rebounding over one hellish week – and the fact that this was another marathon episode, this recap went way over deadline. I am very sorry for the delay and promise it won't happen again.

We open with a long, doleful, silent sequence in which Jax and Chibs wander through the ruins of their clubhouse. Eventually, Jax sinks to his knees with his head in his hands. When he looks up, he tells Chibs, "I did this." Yes, Jackie Boy, this is pretty much on you. Chibs' refusal to say anything pretty much confirms it. All he does is find the gavel and hand it over to Jax as a reminder of what responsibilities the president still has. Then he says, "We're going to fix this, brother. You hear me?"

First step, managing Roosevelt, who is no dummy and knows explosives when he smells their detritus. Jax tries to play nice: "I can't tell you who but I can tell you why. I'm trying to end a relationship." Roosevelt deadpans, "Oh. Then she's very pissed off." Chibs sighs, "Aye, she is." Roosevelt then gets a little meta on us all: "I know everyone in this town looked the other way on how the club earned. You guys kept it small and safe. Unser, Clay – they made it work. It's not working anymore. Over the last couple years, everything that SAMCRO does comes back to haunt them. And everybody knows that. Do you think anybody is going to come here to get their vehicle worked on anymore?" Jax is all, "LA LA LA LA I can't hear you! Also, have fun with my mom, who is currently the best mom in the world because she's hassling you all instead of laying heavy emotional trips on me and what I owe the club."

Roosevelt's eye roll is eloquent. He twists the knife one more time: "I know this was IRA. Is there something else I should know?" "I'm trying to put an end to this shit. I'm trying to put us on the right side of things, but it's going to take a minute," Jax offers. Roosevelt replies, "I'm afraid your minute might have run out in that classroom last week." Wow, this show moves at a glacial pace. I feel like more than week should have elapsed, what with the body count and explosions and meetings and whatnot. How is anyone in SAMCRO still standing? Are they all on vitamin B drips to give themselves extra energy?

Jax sighs and says, "Look, I know you're a good cop. We've done a few rounds together, but I've never tried to buy you and I'm not asking you to look the other way. I'm trying to be straight with you here. If you press the club on this, if you crawl up our ass right now, it's not gonna help either one of us or this town. I'm sorry that this happened." Chibs jumped in with, "We're gonna make sure none of this shit ever happens again." Roosevelt says, not unkindly, "I can tell you guys really believe that. I'm just not sure that I do."

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