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There Is No "I" in Team, But There Are Two in "Biker Dickhead"

Tara comes into Gemma’s office where her sleepy baby son is chilling in his bucket seat. Abel is conveniently off-screen making popcorn with Filthy Phil and Unser. Tara says something vague about the hand and thanks Gemma for watching the boys, then she picks up Thomas’ carrier and heads toward her vehicle. Gemma totters after her, fishing for information on whether or not Tara and Jax have made Wendy the guardian of their children. Tara says shortly, "Not really. I have other things on my mind." As she gets to the minivan (or whatever behemoth she’s piloting these days), Gemma asks if Tara needs some help.

Tara says, "I don’t think so. At least, not yet." Gemma asks, "What’s that supposed to mean?" and Tara says, “If I tell you something, do you promise to keep it to yourself?" Gemma says wryly, "Secrets are what I do." Tara chuckles, then says, "I’m pregnant. About eight weeks." Gemma is delighted, and even as Tara dithers on about the timing being rather unfortunate, she’s all glowing and happy. Gemma asks, "How’s Jax with it?" and Tara says, "I just found out for sure. I’ll tell him tonight." Gemma is equally thrilled by the notion that she found out before Jax did (again), as it only fuels her delusions of being everyone’s mother confessor. She pulls Tara into her arms and coos, "Oh, honey. We’re going to figure everything out, sweetheart." Tara grins at Gemma for a minute, then Abel comes over and Tara begins doting on him as Gemma watches approvingly.

All I can say about this is my, it’s amazing how a medically trained woman manages not to take control of her own fertility. You’d think after her ex-boyfriend stalking her and getting all worked up because she had an abortion, Tara would have put in a Paraguard and revisited the issue of having children in another few years.

Meanwhile, out in Stockton, Jax is grilling Juice on why Colette’s not waiting for him at the bakery. Juice exposits that one of Barofsky’s guts took her home and Colette passed on a message that she’d call Jax. Oh boy, the crush is mutual. Jax tells everyone except for Tig to scram, and gives Chibs orders to "put everyone on notice, just until this Persian thing is done." Tig watches everyone go, then asks, "So we’re heading over to Colette’s?" Jax says, "Just me. I didn’t want to say anything on the docks in front of our Catholic friend … that Persian porn equipment. We pack all that shit up?" Tig nods. Jax orders, "I need you to hang out there. I’m going to send a prospect down with a van. I want you to pack it all up, store it down at the gun warehouse, just in case Ghenazi comes looking for it.” Tig says, “I thought all of that was settled?" Then Jax tests Tig: "The younger brother never showed up. They found his jacket in the bay this morning. Amir thinks we killed him." Tig immediately and inexpertly lies: "Are you kidding me? I cut him loose, man."

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