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There Is No "I" in Team, But There Are Two in "Biker Dickhead"

But Barofsky chimes in calmly, "It’s true. I was with them in the warehouse when they cut your brother loose." Jax gives Barofsky a long look, probably wondering what this corroborating lie will cost him later, and says, "You see?" Then he can’t resist adding, "But he was pissed that you caved. That’s probably why he split!" Amir is all, "My brother is not Aquaman, you idiot. He’s not going to split under the water." But Jax and Barofsky stand firm. Barosky calmly says, "This is done. Get it?" Amir replies, "For now, we’re even." Barosky shrugs, "Well. I didn’t say we were even," and from nowhere, he produces a butterfly blade and quickly slits the throat of Amir’s number two guy. Jax uses the opportunity to pound Amir into a fine paste and disarm the other guy. As Barofsky watches the thug bleed out all over the white fur carpet, he nods, "Now that feels like even. Now, you start your boat,and you set sail, and you keep going. If I ever see you or your goddamned Iranian kin in my town again, I will personally gut every one of you." Oh, Barofsky. You are my favorite rogue law enforcement character now!

Once everyone’s back at their vehicles. Barofsky says, "Okay. Want to tell me what happened with the brother?" Jax insists, "I don’t know. I’m not playing you, man. I told my guy to cut him loose." "Did he?” Barofsky demands. Jax thinks back to Tig’s long and storied history of killing the wrong person at the wrong moment and shrugs helplessly. "If you can’t trust your crew, I can’t trust you," Barofsky says. Jax makes a leadership call: "I’ll handle it." Barofsky nods, "You owe me one, handsome Jack." Jax rolls out, and meets with the rest of the guys by Nero’s SUV.

Chibs asks what that whole mess was about and Jax lies, "You were right. They were mad because we pushed them out." Tig looks up at this, then goes back to acting suuuuuuuuuuper casual. Nero asks if this nonsense is done, and Jax again lies, "Yeah. All settled."

Hey, it’s time for Clay to die! He’s being processed into Stockton and the fact that he’s immediately put in a small room with a large group of black people does not bode well for him. Clay manages to hit first and somehow, the elderly and arthritic biker manages to last longer and remain more alive than did the much younger and much healthier Opie. (Then again, he is far less suicidal than Opie was). When he’s finally on his knees, Clay gasps, "Just get it done." The guy holding the shiv says, "That’s going to be your choice." Clay looks up, not comprehending.

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Sons of Anarchy




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