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There Is No "I" in Team, But There Are Two in "Biker Dickhead"

Anyway, we’re off to the docks. Colette’s going to hang at the bakery, and Jax asks if she needs a ride back to her place, just to be safe. Barofsky says his guys have it, but Jax asks Juice to hang out and keep an eye on Colette. (Oooh, someone’s got a crush). Barofsky snaps, “Am I talking to myself or what?” and Nero defuses the dick-swinging tension by joking that Barofsky’s pet corrupt cops might actually get a real police call, so it’s good to have backup. “Don’t fight over me, boys. My daddy says I’m not worth it,” quips Colette, because you can’t have a TV hooker without deep-seated daddy issues, and we close the scene on Juice looking worried.

Meanwhile, Toric is lying to Patterson about why Clay has not yet signed the affidavit. However, Toric is not entirely untruthful when he says, "I did chat with the two Byz-Lats. They couldn’t say much. They’re both protecting Nero Padilla. He’s the way to tie the MC to the gun." Patterson says, "I checked him out. O.G.’s been living clean. There’s nothing outstanding." Toric then decides to kill two escorts with one gun: "I hear he’s brutal with his girls. We’ll need to run a check on all his escorts. See if any have something they may want to trade." Patterson looks at him all, Anything to hang out with hookers, huh? says, "Do it." Then she makes him sign some papers that will, in theory, "cover my ass in case you go rogue."

The Diosa consortium (i.e. Nero, Barofsky and Jax) pull up to the docks where the Dayoos is docked. Nero cracks, "I forgot how much work this is. Active duty. Very few straight lines, eh?" Is it too much to hope that Nero is having second thoughts about his association with Gemma and the club? Anyway, it shakes out that Barofsky and Jax decide to make a "social call." It's more dick-swinging between those two, which leads me to suspect that Barofsky’s got feelings of some sort for Colette, and then the two go down to meet Amir Ghenazi at his boat.

Barofsky calls out, "Hey, Amir, we just want to talk, figure out what the beef is." Amir speaks quietly with one of the people next to him, then demands Jax and Barofsky toss their guns in a nearby box. They do, then board Dayoos . Chibs and company watch with some misgiving.

Once inside the boat -- which sports spotless white floor-to-floor fur rugs -- there’s a frank exchange of opinions where Amir points out that his main problem is that he hasn’t seen his brother since the bikers took him, but he’s got one tacky, waterlogged red jacket. Barofsky raises an eyebrow. Amir pelts Jax with the jacket, and Jax merely shrugs. "I know they killed him and they dumped his body in the bay," Amir says. Jax lies forcefully, "Amir, I don’t know what happened to your brother, but I telling you, we didn’t kill him." Wait, technically speaking that is not a lie, since there is no "we" in "DAMMIT, TIG! STOP ACCIDENTALLY MURDERING PEOPLE."

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