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There Is No "I" in Team, But There Are Two in "Biker Dickhead"

Wendy and Gemma meet and Wendy asks to meet Jax, because she was assaulted by someone in a 12-step meeting and now she’s all freaked out. Gemma looks at the bruise on Wendy’s neck and gets all mother hen, because nothing makes Gemma feel more in control of a situation than being God’s Righteous Mother toward someone. (Sidebar: I am fascinated by how Gemma revels in using motherly behavior both as a safe channel for showing empathy and compassion AND as a way to exert her dominance over someone else. There is a master’s thesis to be written on whether she’d be like this if she had been born in the era of "Free To Be You And Me" as compared to the 1950s. End sidebar). Gemma promises to talk to Jax for Wendy. Wendy, who appears quite rattled, is softly grateful and as she goes, Gemma calls out, "Look, why don’t you come by the house today after I get off work," and then pulls Wendy in for a back-patting hug. "It’s going to be okay," she promises.

We’re back at Barofsky’s upscale bakery, because all the best shady business meetings take place over scones, and Nero is explaining the licensing process for taking Best Little Exquisite Craftsman Whorehouse in Stockton semi-legit. Jax points out that city inspections will happen early and often, and that Nero will be providing useful guidance for passing those. "Girls gotta be willing to do things by the book, though," Nero warns. Colette says with a smile, "They know. I run a very conservative house." So no access to birth control, then? (Ba-da-bump!) Jax says, "We like pussy that slants a little to the right?" and right as Colette begins to coquette in his general direction, a spray of gunfire interrupts the meeting and everyone dives for the floor. Fortunately, only the extras are hurt.

We zip to the clean-up (it’s good to have friends in law enforcement, as Barofsky’s got uniforms and an ambulance on the scene) and we learn that Amir Ghenazi is behind this. You will remember that he and his brother -- who met his end in a bathtub of urine -- were basically torture porn’s answer to the Coen Brothers, and SAMCRO shut them down after Lyla got burned. "I thought that was ended," Jax says of the angry Ghenazi, and Barofsky replies, "So did I. Anything I should know?" Jax looks over at Tig and you can see the thought bubble reading "Guy who has an established habit of accidentally killing the wrong guy + unsupervised time with a Ghenazi brother + angry other Ghenazi brother = DAMMIT, TIG." Nero provides an alternate explanation: "You stole his money and his drugs, trashed his studio … That could have stirred up some bad feelings." Barofsky decides it’s time to talk to Ghenazi to see what his damage is, provided the guy hasn’t set sail for the Caspian sea. I enjoy how Barofsky’s quips are factually accurate (the Caspian sea is bordered by Iran on one side) and I hope Peter Weller’s having a good time with this character.

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