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There Is No "I" in Team, But There Are Two in "Biker Dickhead"

So everyone agrees to pretend they’re law-abiding citizens until the moment they get an opportunity to kill Toric. Then it’s time to set up act II of this episode and make a nod to other developments: Everyone save Filthy Phil is off to Stockton to stand around while Jax signs paperwork for the Diosa expansion into the Best Little Exquisite Craftsman Whorehouse in Stockton. Filthy Phil is expected to work in the garage with the prospects because "we’re falling behind." (I hope we get a montage set to upbeat 1980s music showing Rat and Filthy Phil repairing a fleet of Acuras and then high-fiving one another). And Juice gets a line! He suggests bringing Bobby up to speed, and Jax is like, "Text him already." Chibs suggests that Jax needs to be the one who does it, and Jax is all, "If Bobby would like to know what’s going on in his club, he is cordially invited to sit his hairy rear at this table and listen like the rest of you."

You know, in my spare time I’ve been watching The Hollow Crown and one of the things that stands out in those plays is how rulers are almost always undone by some petty decision they make out of pride, spite or spiteful pride. Maybe I’ve drunk too much of the "THIS IS THE GOLDEN AGE OF QUALITY TELEVISION! WE HAVE MADE BURNT OFFERINGS OF ANTIHEROES UNTO THE GODS OF NARRATIVE AND THEY ARE WELL PLEASED WITH OUR SLAVISH DEVOTIONS TO MINUTIAE AND CONTINUITY" kool-aid, but I think that this is what we will later think of as a defining moment in whatever is building between Jax and Bobby.

Oh God, it’s a torture scene. Guess who’s doing the torture? If you answered "Toric," then four Byz-Lat teeth are your prize! There are plenty for all of you, on account of Toric using the jawlines of two guys as impromptu bottle openers. The worst part of this scene? The crunchy little noises that issue forth as Toric uses the beer bottle to pop off people’s teeth. Also, I hope we’re all clear that he’s crazy and violent, yes?

Wendy pulls into T-M and Gemma’s all, "I got this." Unser agrees to watch the kids. As Wendy gets out, I want to point out how, again, Kelli Jones is a genius. Both Tara and Wendy are wearing black high-heeled boots, skin-tight jeans and a tank top. But where Tara got all the details wrong (the boots are suede wedges, which work best when you’re channeling Stevie Nicks; the jeans are cut all wrong for her figure; the tank top makes her look dumpy, which is the exact opposite of how Maggie Siff is built), Wendy’s working a chic, tough look. The boots are feminine, the jeans look great on her and her tank top – a solid gray number that’s a little loose – only makes her look cool in a tough-girl way. We can take this outfit as Wendy having an instinctual understanding of the outlaw dress code, or we can take it as Wendy being in a much better place than Tara psychologically and dressing the part.

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