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There Is No "I" in Team, But There Are Two in "Biker Dickhead"

And now, the scene that launched a thousand promo clips: Jax is sitting down with Clay in a visiting room at county. Clay launches into his heartfelt monologue and Jax cuts him off with, "I’m not buying the mea culpa. What did you give the marshal for [protective custody]." Clay says, "I promised I’d give up the club if he’d let me see you and Gemma." Jax seethes over this and Clay continues, "I just want you to know that I’m sorry. For all of it." Instead of asking, "Even the parts where you killed my dad and put a hit out on my wife?" Jax merely asks if Clay’s shedding the guilt before he turns state’s evidence. Clay claims he won’t turn, and he’s at peace with knowing he’s about to be turned into a flesh doily by Pope’s squad. Anyway, he’s done talking with Jax.

However, since Jax is stewing, he has to let it out somewhere, so he monologues at the one-way window where he presumes (correctly) that Toric is standing: "I’m sorry for your sister. I can feel how personal this is for you. But SAMCRO didn’t kill her. Otto acted alone. He’s not a member anymore. He’s just a broken guy, more than a few blocks from sane. I don’t give a shit what you do to [Clay], but if you try to come after my wife, try to tie her to this murder, you’re going to feel how personal this is for me." Then Jax goes… because he knows how to make an exit.

Toric comes into the visiting room and makes one last pitch for Clay to sign the dang agreement already. "You are too smart to go down like this," he says, and then reminds him that everything in his life had set him up and betrayed him. Clay doesn’t even dignify any of that with a response. Toric gets in his last word: "I can’t help but see the irony in this. You’ve gotten away with how many kills in the past 30 years? And the one that gets you the death sentence is the one you didn’t do."

When Jax rolls into T-M, he asks Gemma where Tara is because "I need to ask her something," then gives his mom the barest outline on his visit with Clay. We transition to him at the head of the table in church, telling the scant handful of remaining guys, "Clay swears he didn’t give Toric anything." There’s a brief sidebar on how they’ll find out whether or not Clay was lying by whether or not he’s still standing after he’s transferred to Stockton. Jax says, "Either way, this marshal is still a problem. I got no doubt he’s made the Byz-Lat connection to the school shooting." Happy points out, "We’re laying low on guns. Byz-Lat ties are buried." Happy should know – he dug Arcadio and Darveny’s grave in the last episode. Jax points out that the marshal is both persistent and bonkers, and since the club is intimately acquainted with that brand of crazy (Agent Stahl, anyone? Real IRA, anyone?), he knows from experience this is going to be an issue.

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