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There Is No "I" in Team, But There Are Two in "Biker Dickhead"

Speaking of the badasses of law, San Joaquin edition, Roosevelt’s returned to the screen! Jax rolls in to see him and asks bluntly, “What’s happened with Clay? He summoned me to county." "Talk to his public defender," Roosevelt replies coolly. I love this because Roosevelt is basically drawing boundaries and saying to Jax, "Don’t confuse my compliance with one bullshit crime scene with me being your Unser 2.0.” Jax tries to impart how serious this is and asks if Toric’s behind this. Roosevelt allows that "I heard the marshal’s been pulling in some serious favors to keep Clay whole and away from Pope’s kill squad. He also paid a visit to Tara inside. He also processed her arrest … [He wants] something to crush the guys that murdered his sister." Jax attempts to reel Roosevelt in one more time with, "I guess you can relate. Same hate you got for Clay killing your wife." Roosevelt smacks him back with, "I’m not involved here." Jax leaves.

Hey, did you need any more sign that Toric’s a creepy mofo? How about a scene where he gets ready for the day while Erin’s body cools in the tub?

We’re at Teller Morrow Motors. Tara’s lost the hoodie and that only makes the outfit worse, because it’s another unflattering tank top with a tacky lace racer back. She’s getting a lot of lace this season: I wonder if it’s supposed to allude to her increasingly shredded life? We have established that Kelli Jones is pretty much a genius who doesn’t do anything by accident, so the fact that Tara can’t pull together a decent ensemble has to signal something, like discomfort in the role she’s trying to play or a complete abandonment of good sense or something.

ANYWAY. Unser comes over to help Tara with Thomas’s bucket seat and offers to play with Abel. Tara chit-chats a bit about Unser’s living situation, and he says, "Spending my twilight years living in a parking lot next to a used oil bin? It’s what I dreamed of since I was a boy." Tara gives him a genuinely sympathetic smile, and Unser asks, "How you doing? You getting through this?" " No choice, right?" Tara replies. Unser assures her, "You’re going to be okay, sweetheart." Tara watches a crow-eater push her son on a swing and says, "It’s not about me anymore." Gemma pulls up and once he’s hopped out of her SUV, Tara asks for babysitting so she can run to St. How Has A Board Not Pulled Your License Yet and get her hand checked out. She quips she hurt it again "making friends the Gemma way." Tara, with all due respect: become ambidextrous. Tara adds, "[The boys] missed you." " That’s nice to know," Gemma says softly. As Tara walks off, Unser cautions Gemma, "That’s a very worried mother." "She’s got no idea," Gemma clucks.

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