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There Is No "I" in Team, But There Are Two in "Biker Dickhead"

Toric is sitting in his black bikini briefs and black socks -- since we haven’t gotten enough clues that he ain’t right in the head -- and scrolling through a smartphone while Erin the escort showers. He hears a noise outside, so he grabs his gun and peers out the room’s window to investigate. About ten seconds later, he has cause to regret his choice in accessories. Erin comes up to ask what he’s doing, and the spooked Toric -- perhaps jittery because DA Patterson’s outside and it’s always awkward introducing your escort to your boss -- turns around and accidentally shoots Erin in the stomach. She is, understandably, upset about this and refuses to go along with his plan to shush, so Toric feels he has no choice but to cram a pillow over her shush-hole and shoot her in the head. He does apologize while he’s busy shooting her.

After the credits roll, Toric’s getting dressed and he does not invite Patterson inside to speak with her. Instead, they meet in the blazing sun, right in front of the door. Patterson would like to know why Toric didn’t mention anything about Tara Knowles, who has since come up in the morning briefings. Uh-oh…

Toric says, "I spoke with her. She’s towing the family line." Patterson correctly points out, "She’s a surgeon facing manslaughter. No room to push there?" (Or no room to push on the "Your small children will be raised by the same woman who bred the murderous father of your children while you’re doing time?" angle? Must I do everything for you, guys?).

Toric shrugs that the reality of jail time hasn’t set in yet and argues, "Morrow was burned by the club and now he’s facing a yard full of shivs. He’s our best play." Patterson hands over a folder all, "All right then… get him to sign that agreement to turn state’s evidence." She also adds "Find Darveny and Arcadio" to his to-do list. Here’s hoping Toric’s brand of barking madness has given the olfactory acuteness of a corpse-sniffing dog. He’ll need it.

Toric is delighted by this turn of events, because he can tie Arcadio to Nero, then ties Nero to Jax Teller and the rest of SAMCRO. Patterson listens to what is really the felonious analogue to the Farmer in the Dell : Arcadio works for Nero, Arcadio works for Nero, heigh ho, the Byz-Lats know that Arcado works for Nero/ Nero works with Jax, Nero works with Jax, heigh-ho, the OGs know, that Nero works with Jax/ Jax runs the club, Jax runs the club, heigh-ho, the U.S. knows that Jax runs the club/ the club sells the guns, the club sells the guns, heigh-ho the RICO shows the club sells the guns. Then she says, "Fine, work on Clay, get me Arcadio and Darveny, you’re on the team, only not in some many words because I need plausible deniability if you rogue."

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Sons of Anarchy




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