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There Is No "I" in Team, But There Are Two in "Biker Dickhead"

As Jax walks around the kitchen drinking his milk, he notices the sheet of paper Tara left on the table. It’s a hospital serum test confirming her pregnancy. He looks up, a little stunned. We transition to Gemma sitting on her bed, knitting. I love that her craft basket is leopard print. Nero brings her a cup of tea in bed and Gemma melts at being doted upon.

The montage continues and Katey Sagal is singing "Everyday People" which is probably meant for us to think, "Gosh, even this gang of violence-drunk criminals and their enablers have the same quotidian wants and domestic moments we do!" Because Sons of Anarchy is nothing if not subtle in the ways it presents its messages to the viewers.

We see Toric planting the evidence in Nero’s truck, then transition to Roosevelt responding to a 911 call: it’s dead escort Erin, and they just found the body courtesy of someone who saw a Ford pickup truck pull away as they stopped to change a flat. The montage continues and we see Wendy wiping off her bruise. What is she up to?

The door of the porn studio creaks open and Tig drawls, "About time." As he gets up and turns around, he sees August and his boys. Tig’s face goes bleak and he whispers, "Oh, shit." Oh, shit, indeed. I give Tig a lot of stick, but I love his character and if he is indeed killed, I am going to miss the hell out of him. Now, let’s debate: Do you suppose Tig knows Jax gave him up? And how do you think he felt? Discuss.

Speaking of Jax, he’s heading into the bedroom where Tara is waiting. The good news is, she’s changed out of her terrible outfit. The bad news is, even her pajamas are tacky and unflattering. (I can only imagine how hard Kelli Jones is working here, because Maggie Siff is a striking woman with a great figure, and you would not know that from how she’s dressed here). But Jax isn’t really focusing on that hot lace-t-shirt mess. He tells Tara, "I love you," and crawls up onto the bed to hug her in celebration of the pregnancy. Tara clutches him close and, yet again, an episode ends with her crying in Jax’s arms.

Lisa Schmeiser is an Oakland-adjacent reporter, editor and blogger. She regularly tweets here, blathers about comics here, and posts the oddball personal piece of writing here.

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