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There Is No "I" in Team, But There Are Two in "Biker Dickhead"

Clay has old-school ties with the IRA, and says, "I might need him to navigate a very messy breakup. I want him dead as much as you do. This is business. It’s the smart play." August replies, "Smart for you. Bad for me. It compromises me. Sends the wrong message." To appease August, Jax tells him he’s resurrecting his porn studio, and would Pope Industries like to be a silent partner on the venture? Also, would he like Tig’s head on a platter? Here is the address, and there’s a lovely stoneware plate waiting there in addition to one middle-aged biker. August takes the address, then asks Jax to send him the business plan for Caracara. Jax nods. Is anyone else super-curious about what a business plan authored by Jax looks like? Do you think the tone is as flowery as his journal entries?

Night time at Chez Gemma. Wendy comes by, and Gemma gives her Mama’s Little Helper, also known as a revolver. Wendy gasps, "Oh, Jesus Christ" and Gemma cuts in with, "Hey, until we shut this guy down, you gotta protect yourself." I love how, now that Jax is in charge of the club, Gemma is basically using him to knock everything off her to-do list. I can’t believe nobody else is like, "Hey, Jax, it seems like a lot of what we’ve been doing lately is linked to what makes your mom’s life easier." Wendy takes the gun and worries that if she waves it around, her would-be rapist Luis will blow her head off with his own piece, and Gemma says, "Then you blow first. I know these scumbags. That’s the only way they learn." I don’t know about you all, but I think it’s sweet that she’s hoping to help Wendy avoid going through what she went through courtesy of the neo-Nazis back in season two.

Anyway, it turns out that Wendy also knows her guns. This is another sign that in some ways, she’s better suited for life in Gemma’s orbit that Tara is, I think.

The musical montage for the evening begins. We see Clay being tossed into a solitary cell, groaning from the scope of the injuries he’s had. We see Gemma hugging Wendy and walking her out to her car. We see Nero’s truck pulling up to Gemma’s place, then Toric pulling up a distance away. Gemma greets Nero and draws him inside. We then see Colette kissing Barofsky goodbye, then picking up her phone to call Jax.

Jax is home, but he elects to ignore his phone. He heads to the fridge, glugs some milk straight from the container. (I love this continuing character trait). Tig pokes around the Ghanezi facilities, idly amusing himself by looking at a Gimp-style mask. Clay’s dozing when a deep voice says, "Your friends in the GN thank you. You might need this," and pushes a shiv into his cell. Clay hides the blade.

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Sons of Anarchy




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