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There Is No "I" in Team, But There Are Two in "Biker Dickhead"

A shadow passes over Jax’s face and he nods, "I know." (Sidebar: If this were Breaking Bad some writer over at Slate would have cranked out 1800 words on that "I know" and its layers of subtext. But this is the non-prestige show about what happens when middle-class Americans can swing their medical bills, so you poor people get me). The point is, I think Jax is saying to himself that he has a bead on the situation, and he’s just decided to kill Tig because it’s one thing to be a homicidal incompetent, but another to be an untrustworthy homicidal incompetent. This is a management decision.

Then Jax hugs Tig, kisses his cheek and says, "I love you, brother." That right there is a death sentence. However, Tig can’t quite grasp that, so he’s merely confused. Then he turns to do Jax’s bidding.

We’re back at Stockton. Since Clay’s walking out in the yard, he’s obviously made some sort of choice. As he cozies up to the local white supremacists (and well done, casting agents, as all of them look like the product of inter-generational inbreeding) we see him being watched by the same black inmate who had told Clay that whether or not he died was his choice.

Have we not gotten the point about how creepy Toric is yet? Is that why we’re forced to see him stroking the dead escort Erin’s hair and crooning, "I’m going to make all this matter." He’s obviously collecting hair and blood in order to doctor a crime scene somewhere.

Jax heads into Best Little Exquisite Craftsman Whorehouse in Stockton, where business is booming, and one of the escorts recognizes him from his last visit and tells him Colette’s upstairs. And so she is, but she’s indisposed at the moment, on account of piston away atop Barofsky. Jax overhears them having very loud sex and cracks the door to confirm it’s Colette and Barofsky. At one moment, Barofsky looks over at the door and grins at Jax, very obviously pleased to have won this round of the dominance Olympics.

So, it appears Clay’s started a race riot in the Stockton prison yard, then used it as cover to stab some white supremacist in the neck. I can only presume those were the terms of the deal he made with the would-be hit squad Pope had inside the joint.

In the next scene, Jax is hanging out by a little-used underpass, sort of bummed that Colette had the nerve to have sex with someone else, when August pulls up. He’s really grown into the figurehead position, and I wonder if he might not be more dangerous that Pope was, the same way Jax is more dangerous than Clay. Anyway, August tells Jax that "Clay is still alive. But he had to earn it." Jax thanks him, and August says, "Don’t thank me yet. He’s dead before morning if I don’t like the reason." Jax breathes deeply, then says, "I’m taking your mentor’s lead – shedding the thing that brings us heat". ( I think he means guns).

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