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There Is No "I" in Team, But There Are Two in "Biker Dickhead"
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As the episode begins, District Attorney Patterson is giving a voice-over about school shooter Matthew Jennings’ journal and how a year ago, people were warning that he needed help. This is relevant because she’s saying this as Jax writes in his journal while snuggling Thomas. This show’s always been about how sons struggle to escape their father’s darker legacies, so what better way to point out how high the stakes are for wee Thomas than by underlining what kind of world his father is making for him?

Tara’s in the kitchen, wearing another outfit that does nothing for her -- awful black suede tall boots, poorly fitting jeans, a poorly fitting hoodie -- and brooding as Abel eats his Fruit Loops without making a mess.

Then we transition to a very nice, mostly empty basilica. Gemma’s sitting in the back, clearly waiting to be burned by a stray drop of holy water, and rolling her eyes as Nero goes into confession.

We go to the motel where Toric is staying and see that his outcall date has lasted all night. I sincerely hope there’s an extra fee tacked on for that; one of the perks of having a customer service job is usually that you can go home afterward. Toric, on the other hand, is wide awake. Of course he is, on account of being a nutcase.

Let us dispense with the Bobby Elvis business up front. He is still on a quest to find a fourth member for his little side project: Operation Screw You, I’m Going Nomad, and he’s going to succeed. I will care about this plot line only when it finally gets to the point where it looks like Bobby actually challenges Jax’s leadership, or when it gets to the point where it looks like everyone who had "Bobby Elvis = Fortinbras" in the Sons of Hamletarchy pool is in danger of collecting.

Once the opening montage is done, Patterson gets down to business. She is not pleased with the Stockton PD for misplacing both Darveny and Arcadio, and barely refrains from rolling her eyes after the policeman she’s grilling says he had to release the two Byz-Lats who were hanging around the premises claiming they have no idea where Darveny and Arcadio went. But she does get an idea for how to use Toric.

Gemma and Nero leave the basilica, with Gemma making it abundantly clear she doesn’t represent the seal of the confessional. Nero explains, "Look, I don’t know if it works. I guess I’ve been doing it for so long, I’m afraid of how bad it gets if I stop." Gemma can respect that reasoning much more than "I believe in the Baltimore Catechism and I find personal and societal value in the institution of organized religion," and now that she no longer fears Nero attempting to baptize her while she does the dishes, she can apologize for making fun of Nero’s meaningful personal ritual. "You’re a good man," she says, and it’s not clear whether the unease beneath those words is because she doesn’t think Nero believes her. Or because she has no idea how to act around someone whose moral code isn’t written in invisible ink.

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