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You Can’t Spell “Recidivism” Without SAMCRO
Potter lays out his case: He's going to use RICO to take down SAMCRO now that they've vaulted into the big leagues of gun dealership. He is, at the moment, working with the CIA, the FBI and ATF on this venture. Roosevelt is understandably curious as to where he fits into all this. Potter's getting to that, but first he disgorges some exposition: Because the Russians were not thrilled about SAMCRO ripping them off at the end of last season, they shivved Jax in prison. To make peace, Clay brokered a deal in which the Russians got a big percentage of the gun sales so long as SAMCRO was on the inside. Now that SAMCRO's out, things will be changing. The government hopes to find out via FBI Agent Ronald Wursky, who's been undercover for over a year now and is in line to become Putlova's number two man.

Potter outlines how he thinks this is going to go down: "Once our agent is inside the circle, he'll be able to Putlova on tape buying and selling arms. And in one broad stroke, we will take down the R.O.C., and by association, the Real IRA and the Sons of Anarchy." Since this is only the season premiere, I leave it to you to discern this plan's chances of success.

Roosevelt finally realizes why he's in the room: all of this is going down in San Joaquin County. "Yes, most likely, all of this is happening in your back yard," Potter says diffidently. However, that's not the only reason Roosevelt's now dealing with this legal oddball: Because Roosevelt has ten years of street experience in dealing with the gangs in Northern California, and that is something the room full of conspicuously Caucasian dudes in suits lacks. Roosevelt looks at the two walls bearing the faces of those who create, profit by or abet mayhem and says grimly, "Count me in."

We transition from a photo of Wursky to the man standing against a wall at the Jellybean, no doubt trying not to catch hoof-and-mouth disease. The world's least enthusiastic stripper lists against a pole. How unenthusiastic is she? Hint: She is still fully clothed. Anyway, Putlova greets Clay, Jax and Opie, and after some insincere small talk in re: Jax's recovery from his shivving, Clay gets to the point: "You've been taking 80 percent of the Irish stock for your customers up north." Putlova points out that by handling all transport and storage, the Russians have been assuming approximately 80% of the business risk. Clay says, "Well, now it's time for that equal share scenario to kick in." Putlova says jollily, "Yes, as we discussed, you'll get 50 percent of the hardware. But if we continue to transport and store the guns, we need to be compensated." Clay informs Putlova that so far as SAMCRO is concerned, the terms of the deal are going to be rewritten, and that's it. Then it's vodka shots for everyone! How fortunate for everyone involved that because of the local PD up on SAMCRO's tail, there's no chance to sample the new merchandise now. Jax and Opie invite Putlova and his crew to Opie's party, telling him it's a good cover for "checking out the operation." Then everyone toasts to a long and profitable relationship. Hands up, all of you who think this deal with either long or profitable.

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