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You Can’t Spell “Recidivism” Without SAMCRO

Next on the agenda: meeting with some Russians at the Jellybean lounge. Jax impatiently asks what it is with Russians and strippers, and Opie leaps to defend the honor of strippers everywhere by calling the jellybeans in question "horsemeat in a g-string." Cut to Tig: "I love the Jellybean." "Of course you do," Juice says. A beaming Happy avers, "I love it too!" "And the freak circle is complete," Juice says drily. (His hair grew out in prison, and it looks really good on him, by the by. I am going to cry real tears if he shaves it back into that mohawk.)

We get to the final item: Opie and Lyla are getting hitched on the southwest corner of the Wahewa reservation, 6 p.m. sharp. Opie deadpans, "I know how much is in those envelopes, so those wedding gifts better not be bullshit." Ha! And now, the guys are off to commit crimes or whatever before the evening nuptials.

As they exit the church, hulking prospect Filthy Phil informs Clay that there are two sheriffs keeping an eye on the clubhouse from down the block. Since a tail is bad business for SAMCRO, Clay decides that Jax and Opie will go with him to the Jellybean, the rest of the guys can distract the sheriffs and Squiggy (who sat silently through church) can follow with the tow truck. Squiggy asks plaintively, "Is this 'cause you're upset with me?" and Juice smacks him down with, "We're on parole, genius. We can only congregate when working." It must feel good for Juice to be the one telling someone they're an idiot instead of the other way around. Tig approaches Clay and says, "I should be with you," but Clay says he needs him to make sure the tail is diverted. Sensing that Tig is upset about this, Bobby Elvis comes over and says, "We get the fun stuff." "Promise?" Tig asks as they head out.

And now, many men riding motorcycles as loud music plays. Then there are shenanigans with regards to shaking the sheriff's tail. To make a long story short: Tig, Bobby Elvis, Kozik and others box in the police car and drop below the speed limit, thus allowing Clay et al. to speed away. There is some flashy stunt driving, and then the really pissed deputies flag everyone down and cuff 'em.

Back in Charming, Roosevelt is signing what looks to be the last of a stack of documents and grumbling, "A lot of confidentiality." "Peace of mind. That way, you say anything about what you see, I strip your badge and throw you in jail," Potter shrugs. Roosevelt gives him a long, level, do-not-f***-with-me look and Potter adds unnecessarily, "I have some trust issues." Then he keys a security code into the door, the men walk down a hall, Potter keys a second security code ... and they enter a war room dedicated to SAMCRO. There are huge picture charts detailing the club, the club's family and associates (Wendy is there, even though she's been MIA for seasons now), the Real IRA, the Russians/Putlova crew ... it's staggering. Intriguingly, at the bottom of the SAMCRO chart is a label reading "Plan B," and both Otto and Juice's mug shots are there.

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