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You Can’t Spell “Recidivism” Without SAMCRO

The club's in church, and Chibs is handing out fat sacks of cash to the returnees, explaining that it's their back pay for the last 14 months. Opie exposits that the gun trade has been very, very good to them, even if they are only taking small percentages. Jax growls that the days of small percentages are over, and then Clay demonstrates his leadership chops by calling out Piney, Opie, Chibs and Kozik and telling them all they did an outstanding job holding the club together. Chibs is all, "'Twern't nothin'," but Clay rumbles that the four of them have his deepest appreciation.

We then move on to new exposition. Opie tells us, "The rich yuppies are fleeing Stockton. The city's a war zone," a premise that is not entirely untrue in re: Stockton and quality of life, but I'm curious as to how these yuppies have the wherewithal to flee Stockton since its real estate market is in the tank. Anyway, Opie says, "Hale's got a shitload of presales and just needs a few more investors before he starts swinging hammers." Clay then asks what the deal is with Oswald, and we find out that Hale effectively neutralized him, first by pushing through a new on-ramp to California Highway 99, then by using the ramp as an excuse to seize Oswald's land under eminent domain. Since Oswald lost millions of dollars, he's supposed to earn it back by providing lumber and labor to the development. And since the Hale project is providing lots of construction jobs, the town's for it. Only SAMCRO seems to grasp that the jobs are all short-term gigs and the end result will be a housing market most long-term residents are priced out of. Clay has an issue with that. No doubt part of it is motivated by fear: It would be heartbreaking to be approaching retirement age and to be priced out of the town you've spent your adult life in. Clay fulminates on the evils of Hale's plans for a while, then vows, "We're not going to let this happen." Bobby Elvis rolls his eyes all, "Here we go again," while Chibs shifts uncomfortably in his seat.

After that awkward silence has lingered on long enough, Jax decides to break it with a little casual racism: "Black and proud Sheriff Roosevelt. What's up with him?" We learn that SAMCRO's aware of his anti-gang background, and Roosevelt's been on the job 10 months. Opie says, "He's let us know he's here, but this is the first time he's whipped his dick out." Jax concludes that today's show was about "letting us know it's not going to be business as usual." Given that SAMCRO business as usual involves trafficking the kinds of firearms that make Stockton so unattractive to the yuppies who want to turn Charming into Carmel-by-the-Sierras, maybe, just maybe, SAMCRO could reconsider the wisdom of "business as usual" anyway. Piney warns, "You're not going to get the sheriff on your payroll. This boy's a straight-up cop." And to that I say, hallelujah. The moral vacuum that sprang from David Hale's death needs to be filled.

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