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You Can’t Spell “Recidivism” Without SAMCRO

It's homecoming time! Much, much hugging. After Jax says hello to his wife and sons, his mom comes over and he hugs her. Then Gemma nods her head over to Tara (who's putting Thomas in his stroller) and says, "She did good." "Yeah, she did great," Jax says. Gemma hands over a paper bag, one that's fairly flat, and says, "I picked out the one you wanted." Then Clay comes back over to snuggle Gemma and ask where Unser is. No idea -- and any further discussion is cut off when Clay rears back in alarm at Chuckie. He's come out to say hi, and he's now big, foam Muppet hands surrounding his lonely little index fingers. Gemma explains, "I bought him fingers. Those shitty little nubs were freakin' me out." Tig is just delighted by this turn of events, and leaps into Chuckie's arms asking, in the same tone one usually uses to talk to infants, "Were you freaking her out? Were you freaking her out? You were freaking her out!" Tig is a man of complicated humor.

We zip to Roosevelt's office, where the mystery Lincoln science experiment has let himself in. Delightfully, his name actually is Lincoln! He's Lincoln Potter, assistant U.S. attorney, a man of quiet, oddly paused speech. We establish that the Department of Justice is renting an office on the third floor, and that Potter's already gone to the trouble of talking to Roosevelt's boss about whether it's okay to talk with Roosevelt about a subject to be named later. Roosevelt, still personable, is clearly not sure what to make of this, and cautiously says he'll be up later.

Then a puff of brimstone announces the presence of Mayor Hale (the lesser), and the three all stand around looking at each other until Potter excuses himself. He's deeply unsettled Hale, which makes me like him already. Then Hale gets to the point of his visit: Does Roosevelt truly appreciate the depths of Hale's hatred for SAMCRO and is he ready to abuse his power in order to make sure Hale can persecute these guys? Or, as Hale would put it, the mayor is concerned about the six convicted felons who just rolled back into town today. Roosevelt cordially points out, "I've dealt with gangs for the last 15 years. Neutralizing their power is not going to happen in a day." Hale's all, "I'm only asking for the good of the city and not because I'm an unctuous sleazeball," and Roosevelt's all, "Sir, it is all I can to do keep a neutral expression on my face because the bullshit you're shoveling smells so bad," and the minute Hale leaves Roosevelt's office, he's all, "Oh, eff me."

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